“Young Thai” has qualified for the round of 16 teams at the U19 World Championship Luk Yang battle.

Date 28 Aug ’64 Thailand men’s national volleyball team Qualified for the last 16 of the competition Volleyball men’s under-19 world championship 2021 in Iran after Bulgaria defeated Cameroon 3-0 in sets.

For young Thais, they qualified for the finals of the U19 World Championship for the first time in 18 years, after having previously competed as hosts in 2003, beating Cameroon 3-1 in total. In the first round, won 1, lost 3 with 3 points.

From the results of the final match of Group C, Bulgaria defeated Cameroon 3-0, sets 25-19, 25-18, 25-19, making the young Thai, who has won one game, qualified for the round of 16 by being fourth in the group. Cameroon lost 4 games in a row, finished 5th and dropped to play in the rankings.

Summary of the score table in Group C

1. Russia won 4 lost 0 with 12 points

2. Bulgaria won 3 lost 1 with 9 points

3. Belgium won 2 lost 2 with 6 points

4. Thailand wins 1 loses 3 has 3 points

5. Cameroon won 0, lost 4 with 0 points.

* Ranked 1-4 through to the Round of 16

The Thai national team, as ranked 4th in Group C, will qualify for the round of 16, where they will face the 1st team of Group D, Argentina, who have won four straight games in the first round. and will compete on August 30

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