Your car from A to Z: Married couples pay up to 43% less for their car insurance – Eme – 02/18/2021

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Last weekend the most loving holiday of the year took place: Valentine’s Day. The date has many followers but also many detractors. Such is the case, that for some time now, the bachelor’s day. A situation that the comparator of insurance to analyze how being single or married affects the auto policy.

Singles pay more for insurance

Thus, the comparator data is decisive: singles can pay up to 43% more for their insurance than their married counterparts. And not only that, but they drive worse cars.

The explanation is simple: “although marital status is not decisive, for insurers a single driver usually involves more risks than one who is married and has children. It is estimated that the driver who takes his family will be more prudent than the one who travels alone and has no responsibilities, “they comment from the platform. Likewise, we are talking about people who are usually younger and with less experience behind the wheel than married people – which translates into more risk for the insurer.

The age of the vehicles, determining

To this must be added another point: the vehicle age that drive each other. Specifically, the figures indicate that the number of singles who drive a car over 15 years old is 20.5% higher than that of their married counterparts. The latter drive new cars in 10.3% more of the cases.

“A single person usually has more difficulties to face payments that are assumed together as a couple,” they indicate from “This means that singles drive older cars and, consequently, with a higher risk of breakdown and being involved in a traffic accident.” In addition, older vehicles are equipped with less security systems, which would imply a higher outlay in case of sinister with personal injury.

If we analyze the data in detail, we observe that in the case of the auto insurance to third parties and all risk with franchise, singles pay 33% more than married people, a percentage that is increased to 43% for all risk policies without excess. In this way, on average, singles pay 34% more than car insurance than married people.

Beyond auto insurance: almost $ 8,000 less at the end of the year

Beyond car insurance, being single is expensive in other ways as well. Among others, singles not only cannot benefit from certain tax advantages but also pay more for certain services. Not to mention that the payment is not distributed, but must be assumed alone.

For example, they are forced to allocate a higher percentage than those who are married or coupled to vacation packages, hotel rooms, renting their homes and their consumption, and even food from the supermarket in some cases. And it is that although the price is the same for all customers, there are many containers that force to buy more. The same thing happens with food delivery and minimum orders. They also cannot enjoy 2×1 offers in gyms or the like.

As a result of all the above and according to calculations, singles end the year with a personal wealth of almost $ 8,000 less than married people in the same economic situation. And linked to this, they are the ones who request the most loans and live the most stressed. Something that also complicates the fact of assuming your family obligations alone.


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