Your IPTV box has not worked since this weekend? here’s why

An operation by the European Union’s Judicial Cooperation Unit, Eurojust, led to the arrest of several people in Switzerland and Italy. These people were at the base of an illegal IPTV organization active in Italy and internationally. According to Geeko, “More than 5,500 active IPTV servers in around ten European countries have been deactivated”.

If your supplier was one of the customers of this organization, your box has not emitted a signal for a few days.

►► With the end of the activities of this underground group, discover here the important consequences (in particular on the availability of certain films and series) on the functioning of your IPTV box

►► In your case, do you risk lawsuits

? The explanations

It is also worth remembering that owning such a box remains illegal (read here).


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