“Your Right to Organize”…More than 70,000 women benefit from reproductive health services in Sharkia

The Eastern Province Health Directorate continues its activities Family planning campaign and reproductive healthYour right to organizeTo confront the population increase, through health and awareness services about the dangers of overpopulation and its negative effects on the health of the mother and fetus, in which a team of doctors and rural pioneers participates, as part of the “Our Days Are Better” initiative.

The campaign is implemented in the governorate for a period of 10 days divided into two phases, each phase 5 days, and the first phase included 10 departments: “Al-Qanayyat, Kafr Saqr, Awlad Saqr, Belbeis, Abu Hammad, Tenth of Ramadan, Deyerb Negm, Mashtoul, Mansha’at Abu Omar, Al-Salihiya.” And the second phase, 9 health departments in the governorate, which are “Zagazig, Hehya, San Al-Hajar, Al-Ibrahimiya, Abu Kabir, Faqous, Al-Husseiniya, Al-Qurain, and Minya Al-Qamh,” until the end of the campaign on December 22.

And Dr. Hisham Masoud, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Sharkia, said that the medical service was provided, in the first stage, to 44,000 98 women, and 33,000 856 women obtained the means, and the sonar examination service was provided to 3,000 women, in addition to providing reproductive health services from pregnancy follow-up and detection of women. Subconscious and children.

He added that the second phase, which is on its second day and continues for 5 days, provided the service to 26 thousand 606, and 19 thousand 579 women have obtained means so far, and the ultrasound examination service was provided to 1911 women, in addition to providing reproductive health services from pregnancy follow-up. Exposing the women, the esoteric, and the children.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry stated that the second phase of the “Your Right to Organize” campaign was launched on Sunday morning and is being implemented in 9 health departments in the governorate, namely “Zagazig, Haya, San Al-Hajar, Al-Ibrahimiya, Abu Kabir, Faqous, Al-Hussainiya, Al-Qurain, and Minya Al-Qamh,” and will continue for 5 days. From the 18th to the 22nd of December.

The Undersecretary added that the campaign provides its services through medical teams in fixed and mobile clinics, with 240 fixed family planning clinics in hospitals, health units and medical centers supported by specialist services, and 13 mobile clinics, to ensure that the service reaches remote and slum areas in hamlets and villages throughout the governorate. With the participation of 117 doctors, 321 nurses, and 456 rural pioneers and population educators trained in all the activities of the campaign, in addition to the role of rural pioneers in implementing awareness-raising media seminars on the importance of family planning and the available means, and the dangers of early and frequent marriage and childbearing, and the work of the necessary guidance propaganda for citizens, in places Campaign services throughout the province.

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