Youssoufa Moukoko: Schalke 04 fans insult Borussia Dortmund’s talent

Borussia Dortmund’s young striker Youssoufa Moukoko was seriously insulted in the A-youth revierderby against Schalke 04. A livestream from the DFB shows threats and harassment after Moukoko scored the 3-1 intermediate result for Dortmund with his third goal of the day in the 62nd minute. In addition to sayings like “Fuck off, you son of a bitch!” or “I’ll break all your bones!” Racist insults are also said to have been shouted from the stands.

After the game in the western season of the U19 Bundesliga, which BVB won 3-2, Schalke 04 commented on the incidents on Twitter. “With all emotions in the Derby – we condemn such insults in the strongest possible way and expressly reject them,” wrote the Gelsenkirchen team. “The necessary measures” will be taken against those fans who have become insulting. Schalke’s sports director Jochen Schneider announced before the Bundesliga team’s game in the evening against Union Berlin that he wanted to find the culprits – all viewers of the game are known by name, only 300 personalized tickets had been issued.

Borussia Dortmund tweeted the hashtag #NoToRacism under a photo of Moukoko. Moukoko responded with a picture on Instagram after the game. “I am proud to be born with this skin color and always will be,” he wrote.

One of the greatest talents in German football

Moukoko, who made his debut in the BVB U17 at the age of 12 and scored 90 goals in 56 competitive games there despite his young age, is considered one of the greatest talents in German football. On the third day of the season it was Moukoko’s second three-pack in the U19 Bundesliga, and the striker also managed a hat trick in the first round of the cup.

The German U20 international will celebrate his 16th birthday on November 20th, after which Moukoko will also be able to play for Borussia Dortmund’s professional team in the Bundesliga – for the first time on the 8th matchday against Hertha BSC. Then Moukoko could replace Nuri Sahin as the youngest player in the history of the Bundesliga. Sahin made his debut in 2005 at the age of 16 years and 335 days, and he also played for BVB. In the Champions League, Moukoko will also be eligible to play after his birthday – there Dortmund would like to report the storm talent via the B-list.

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