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Ailín Cubelo Naval is a 22-year-old Argentine girl who is currently studying Political Science; However, since I was in high school I was already thinking about not having children. Time passed and, after overcoming one or another obstacle, he was able to undergo surgical sterilization. His case has gone viral on the social networks and it has put back on the table the discussion that women can only be achieved by giving birth.

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“As for some people the desire to be mothers is natural, for me it was natural not to be. I tied my tubes because I don’t want to have children, not now, not ever “Said the girl in conversation with the Infobae media that released her story.

She remembers that, since she is in elementary school, it is normal for girls to be asked by the name of their children or at what age they want to become mothers, but not if they really want to be one. “I always answered ‘after 30’, or ‘I want just one’. Since I didn’t realize that maybe I didn’t want to be a mother, I excused myself or lengthened the deadlines “.

Cubelo, who studies at the University of Buenos Aires, explains that he had been thinking about having his tubes tied for the last two years. The phrases that I heard the most when commenting on the idea were “When you are old, who will take care of you?”, “Who are you going to leave your legacy to?” O “What will happen when you find the ideal person?”. She, however, already has a partner, and assures that she does not care. “My boyfriend already knew before he met me, so it was no surprise. It was shocking but it is my decision “.

“I tied my tubes because I don’t want to have children, not now or ever”says the young woman, basing her decision on the recurring image of boys playing with balls and girls with baby carriages, so she believes “That the maternity mandate is not something natural, it is very cultural”.

“There are many people who never questioned the issue of being or not being parents, they followed a little path: women have to reproduce for most of the world. In other words, if you have a uterus, you have to give birth, it is your destiny “he adds.

His idea would be reinforced by knowing who his partner is today for five years. For most of her relationship, birth control pills and condoms were never lacking, but a year ago, at 21, she realized that if her life plan didn’t include giving birth, an alternative was tubal ligation.

That was how, in April 2019, he told his gynecologist that he wanted to get flirted. He replied that having children “is good, he had two.” In addition, he asked for a document in which a psychologist confirmed that he was in his right mind. Weeks later, he made a second request, but the specialist again refused.

“He made me come back in six or seven months because I looked very small, he wanted me to think better of it … Well, he asked me for a psychological report, like a note from my psychologist reaffirming that I am in my right mind”. Tubal ligation from age 16 “It is totally legal. The law explains that they cannot ask you for a psychological report “, Explain.

“I came back and he said ‘No, I can’t help you.’ What do you care? What’s wrong with not wanting to have children? “, he wonders. Determined to assert her rights, she went to another doctor and finally managed to undergo surgery.

“I am meeting many people who comment in the groups ‘if I had had this information when I was young, I would not have had children’. Motherhood should not be a social imposition “, pide Ailín. “I don’t judge those who chose to be mothers, I don’t go down the street saying ‘oh, this is how life was screwed up'”.

“I think it is time to end the trials of people who do not want to reproduce. We are not strange creatures, we are a lot of people who, tomorrow, will not regret not having done with our lives what we wanted “, concludes.


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