YouTube tests the clips, inspired by Twitch

YouTube launches a tool to add short videos.

YouTube has noticed Twitch for your new test tool: the clips, with which allow content creators to select a snippet from their videos and share it on different platforms.

The clip tool is part of proof that YouTube has launched with a limited number of content creators, also on video game channels. Those who participate will see a new icon under the videos that will give them access to it.

With this novelty, they will be able to select a fragment of their videos, between five and 60 seconds, to create a short video that will loop, and share it on other platforms, for example, as a summary of the new content they have shared on their channel.

As the company explains on its Support page, the clips tool also allows create short videos of live broadcasts (that do not exceed eight hours in length), but are not available for content made by children.


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