Youtube: thanks to AI you can Rickroller in 4k

The iconic title of the 80s offered a dive into the future. Thanks to artificial intelligence software, it is now possible to watch Rick Astley’s clip in 4K. What is the point ? There is none.

Are you nostalgic for the 80s? If the images of the clip of Rick Astley smack of denim shirts and jackets with epaulets, they also testify to the reduced quality of the videos of the time. To give the tune a dive into the future, the Revideo channel used a artificial intelligence software to increase the resolution. It is now possible to watch good old Rick Astley in 4K. The Revideo channel explains that it used Topaz Video Enhance to remaster the clip in 4K and RIFE to smooth at 60 frames per second. The interest? There are not any. On the other hand, the air always remains as much in the head. The channel also attacked Smash Mouth and its flagship title All Star, but also Together from Rick Astley always. Here is the result:


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