Youtuber found The Game Awards figurine lost more than three years ago and returned it to developers | Games

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey discovered The Game Awards figurine, which was lost more than three years ago. He told the story of the award in a video on his YouTube channel.

According to PrestigeIsKey, he was looking for a replica of the figurine to add to his home collection. On eBay, he found an offer with The Game Awards – the seller claimed that the figure was the original, and asked for $500 for it. At the same time, the seller himself had nothing to do with the video game industry, and received the trophy from one of the liquidation sources.

The YouTuber managed to negotiate and purchase the figurine at a discounted price — he paid a little over $400 with shipping. After opening the box, it turned out that the award was indeed the original.

It was to be presented by Extremely OK Games at The Game Awards in 2018 in the nomination “Best Independent Game” for a platformer Celeste. However, for four years, the developers have not received an award. YouTuber contacted the authors of Celeste and returned the figurine. In gratitude, the Extremely OK Games team promised to refund the cost of the goods, as well as send a copy of the Celeste autographed by the developers.

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