YouTuber tests Model Y in extreme cold, films Tesla Semi>

Zack Nelson from the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has already dismantled quite a bit, but not yet a Tesla (although he bought a Model X in autumn 2019). He is more likely to take on smaller electronic devices, but Tesla has invited him to test Model Y under harsh winter conditions. The well-known YouTuber gladly accepted the invitation to Alaska, but at his own expense, as he writes in the video text. The Model Y passed the tests without any problems – and even the Tesla Semi drove the YouTuber a few times in front of the camera in freezing cold.

Tesla Model Y with heated flap

According to his report, Nelson was invited to a military base in the middle of icy Alaska, where Tesla is testing his electric cars anyway. Of course, he did not miss the opportunity – previous videos of him show that he bought a used Tesla Model Performance and ordered a cyber truck. Now the YouTuber met Model Y at a low temperature of 30 degrees and immediately shows that Tesla has thought further: The handle for opening the driver’s door can be easily pushed in to break ice that has formed over it and can otherwise make it immobile. In addition, the loading flap on the rear of Model Y is heated.

And the latest Tesla drives confidently in extreme winter. As the YouTuber shows, it comes up from a standing position on an icy road with a steep incline – the electronics quickly catch the spinning wheels and direct the power of the two motors to where there is still enough grip. The fact that electric cars like the Model Y can do this so quickly is why they accelerate so quickly and can therefore be so much fun, explains Nelson. And at the same time it ensures that they remain stable even on ice.

Surprisingly, the Tesla Semi can also be seen three times in the video – there is no mention of it in the description, and Nelson only deals with it indirectly in the video. Once you see the e-trailer truck, which according to new Tesla information should not come this year, without further comment briefly at the beginning of the video. Then he is overtaken and filmed while Nelson reports that it is colder outside than in a freezer and that the Teslas on the site still work well. The Tesla Semi can be seen briefly in the rearview mirror of its Model Y for a third time.

No comment on the semi-sighting

The fact that Nelson does not even mention or comment on the rare semi-sighting is either understatement or an agreement with Tesla. It could have been telling nothing about the other vehicles being tested on the arctic basis. But that the semi on the channel with its more than 5 million subscribers can be seen briefly in icy tests shouldn’t bother Tesla any further.

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