Youtuber was arrested for the sexual abuse of 245 children

An operation against the sexual abuse of minors carried out by the United States and Australia achieved the arrest in the island country of a Australian youtuber accused of sexually abusing 245 minors whom he extorted and forced to film himself in sexual activities, sometimes with other children or animals.

The US authorities reported this Monday the arrest of the 25-year-old youtuber, of whom they only said is “a predator posing as a popular YouTube star”, without specifying his name.

The case, authorities say, began in Florida’s capital Tallahasse in 2019, when the Leon County Sheriff’s Office reported the exploitation of minors by an Australian.

He posed as a popular YouTube star to befriend underage girls and gain their trust, they stressed.

He then blackmailed them and “ordered them to film themselves performing various sexually explicit acts, many of which involved physical contact with other minors and / or animals “.

The Australian faces a total of 247 charges related to 245 alleged child victims in the US., according to the investigation by the Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE).

Both federal agencies had the help of the Australian Federal Police (AFP), which identified and arrested him.

The examination of the Australian’s social media account led to the identification by October 2020 of more than a hundred American victims of child exploitation online, to which more than 130 were added last year.

“Child exploitation is a heinous crime that occurs too often on the social networking sites used by our children.”, he lamented Adam Parks, HSI Regional Attaché for Oceania.

“We were able to identify this predator and protect future children from being victims of this monster“he added.


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