Ysios leads a 32 million investment in the Dutch VarmX

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Despite the covid-19 or as a consequence of this, the sector of Health live a sweet moment. Ysios Capital just led a financing round B series of 32 million in Dutch biotech VarmX. They have also participated in the INKEF Capital operation, to which two other new investors have joined, Lundbeckfonden Ventures and LSP, as well as existing investors, BioGeneration Ventures and InnovationQuarter.

Thanks to this capital increase, the company will advance the clinical development of its compound VMX-C001 for treatment and prevention of serious bleeding in patients using oral anticoagulants. It will also speed up the process of drug manufacturing towards commercial scale and research new
medications in this pathology.

The investment is made through Ysios’ third fund, Ysios BioFund III, which amounts to 150 million euros, but which expects to reach around 200, according to its investment manager, Guillem Laporta. Through this tool, which is nourished by resources provided by companies, as well as ‘family offices’ (they account for a quarter of the total), through which the operation was already carried out in Ona Therapeutics amounting to 30 million last month.

Record year

Ysios’ objective is to invest in other two or three biotech based in Spain throughout this year, of the total of five or six they plan to carry out and, in fact, they are already analyzing. This exercise is proving very active. After a 2019 with an investment volume of more than 112 million in this activity in Catalonia, in 2020 it is expected to break a new record. So far this year already 85 million have been exceeded in different biotechnology operations in the bioregion.

Ysios, the specialized manager based in San Sebastián and Barcelona, ​​focuses on her third fund in treatments and drugs. It has three funds. In addition to the third, endowed with 155 million and the goal of reaching 200; the first was 65 million and the second 126 million. It manages assets worth 346 million.



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