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Yuan Bin: “The Voice of China” was stopped. Netizens: Mainland entertainment is about to end | Youth is with you 3 | Learn Party History | Non-governmental organizations

[Epoch Times News on May 28, 2021]Following the “Youth with you 3“Was suspended. After the interview for the fifth season of “Creation Camp” was suspended, the variety show “Creation Camp” has been well-known in China and the global Chinese circle for many years.The voice of China“Seeing that I will die!

On May 24, a copy of “The voice of China》The internal document issued by the program group on May 20 went viral on the Internet. The document clearly stated: “According to the notice from the relevant state department, it is required to stop all the audition activities of variety shows.” The program group expressed its firm support for the decision of the relevant state department. The audition will be suspended with immediate effect.

According to a report by Radio Free Asia, variety shows involving sea elections may be completely suspended. Although this news has not yet been officially confirmed, it has caused public outrage. Some netizens said: “The mainland entertainment is about to end.”

Let’s take a look at how netizens comment on this matter:

“Now that there is only one god in the wall, they have to smash other idols”

“Turning on the TV is the main theme, every daySchool party history, The wall people are really depressed”

“Just after hammering the second dimension, I came to hammer the rice circle again. Smash all nipples and return to eight model dramas.”

“The CCP suddenly understood what was going on. Maybe it’s because the draft and show fans are also huge and powerful.Civil organization, So this piece must be cleaned up. It is estimated that the existing support club star fans will also get punched.”

“How can the draft be selected? The party must designate it; how can there be small groups in the rice circle? The party organization is the only legal group; how can idols have people who can compete with the leader?

“The fan circle is a highly organized and highly executed group. No matter how loyal to the party is nodded and bowed, they will be jealous.”

“In the past, I saw someone said:’Under the Communist Party, the people are not concerned about politics, but the enjoyment of life is still quite open, that’s fine.’

To say something similar to before: a dictatorship can wear a Taylor Swift hat on its head, wear the same style as Miss Hui Ye, and wear Nike shoes under its feet.

But as long as there is no freedom and rule of law, these popular signs are deceptive. You may want to come up and take a photo with this person, but at any time they may tear up their clothes, throw away their shoes and hats, and be naked like a gangster so you can only watch. With a tattoo full of “love the party, love the country, love socialism””

“This is also the advantage of the CCP’s wall repair and the enactment of the Special News Law, which requires all stars to be patriotic. This is why you were in Hong Kong’s return the year before. A bunch of Hong Kong stars competed to be patriotic and opposed to the parade, because if they did not do this, it would be banned. , Was smashed their jobs. Forcing the stars to patriotically abide by the rules of the CCP.

But these stars would never think that being in the wall country does not mean that you are patriotic and will not be iron fisted. The news law only depends on the mood of the CCP. The CCP can do whatever it wants. There can be 10,000 reasons. What is the biggest bug in it? There is no organization in Wall Nation. Individuals can check and balance the CCP and stop the CCP from convicting it indiscriminately. “

“Let’s cut all the live broadcasts across the board. The anchors and the broadcasters have millions and tens of millions of fans. The appeal is too big. They firmly support the Party Central Committee’s crackdown on personal cult. In the future, more than 10,000 fans will be directly titled.”

“It’s to make way for the July 1st celebration

There was only one star on July 1st, and Mao had to make way for his resurrection.”

“I used to think that the Communist Party was only doing evil during the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, 8964, but now it seems that the Communist Party really does evil all the time.”

“Voting for super girls in the past was also banned.”

“Under the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we can only worship people who have contributed to society, such as police, firefighters, medical personnel, scientific researchers, Yuan Longping, Zhong Nanshan, etc., and cannot worship capitalists such as Ma Yun and Ma Huateng.Youth with you 3“The incident of fans pouring milk affects their fear of blindly chasing stars with the flowers of the motherland. “

“China is still a dictatorship after all

Anything can be banned

Continue to ban, continue to accelerate”

“All entertainment resolutely die and accelerate out of the galaxy with one foot”

“Added to the speed of light, brothers”

“I discovered early on that the rice circle was a place where a great spontaneous order was generated in the occupied area. This group of people came together because of idols. The rich give money, time, time and resources. For the members of the group The aid of the Communist bandits is far greater than the official organizations of the Communist bandits. So sooner or later it will be beaten in the rice circle. One of the basic principles of the Communist bandits is to fight against self-organization-because the weakest spontaneous organization system is also a constructive system, which is higher than the deconstructed system of Communist bandits. of.”

Obviously, with the accelerating pace of the mainland’s retreat to the Mao era and the Cultural Revolution, the CCP’s control over all aspects of society has also been upgraded simultaneously, and the entertainment industry, which used to have relatively large degrees of freedom, is no exception. It is not difficult to predict that, as this momentum continues, all non-political entertainment programs will soon withdraw from the stage, and the mainland entertainment industry will enter a red era in which “eight model shows” dominate the world!

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