Yunis Abdelhamid (Reims): “We had no solution” – Foot – L1 – Reims

Yunis Abdelhamid (defender of Reims, beaten by Lille): “It’s a disappointment. We were keen to win, we came across a good team from Lille. It was a closed game, there weren’t many chances and it was played on an individual achievement of (Jonathan) Bamba. We were shy offensively, unlike the Lille players who tried and it smiled on them.

Lille blocked us and we had no solution. We could have played another 2 hours, we might not have scored. At home, we have to do a little more, add more madness. We have a fairly young group but the team must be able to let go. We are disappointed but we will work hard. Everyone has to raise their level. “

David Guion (Reims coach): “It was a very closed game, very tactical, with two teams that feared each other. There were very few scoring chances. Unfortunately there is this strike (from Bamba) which goes under the leg of my defender, at the near post, which allows Lille to score and settle in the game they wanted. He has success, the whole stadium was a little surprised to see this strike come in, even the Lille!

We did not know how to pack the match, we did not know how to put Lille at fault. We found ourselves in front of an experienced team. Lille have gained a lot of experience with the European Cup and we have seen that they know how to calm the tempos very easily. We regret not having created clear situations and not having packed the match “.


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