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Russian oligarch Yuri Voronov was found dead in the pool at his villa in a St. Petersburg suburb on Monday – under mysterious circumstances. Such deaths have increased in Russia in recent months.

The lifeless body of the 61-year-old had a gunshot wound to the head, reports the Russian website MK. A handgun and shells were found near the body.

The multimillionaire was the head of Astra Shipping, which had business ties to Russian gas giant Gazprom. According to his wife, Voronovs traveled to the Leningrad region on July 1.

Before leaving, he had a dispute with his business partners. His wife reportedly told investigators that Voronov believed he had been cheated out of “a lot of money” by “dishonest” contractors and partners.

Voronov’s estate, this is where he was found dead

Photo: Morskiye Terrasy/e2w

Since Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin (69) war against Ukraine leads, there are always deaths among Russian oligarchs that could not be fully clarified. The Voronov case is the fifth this year linked to the Russian gas industry.

︎ On February 25, Alexander Tyulyakov was found dead in the same neighborhood where Voronov’s house was. The police established at a preliminary stage that he had committed suicide. Next to the body of the 61-year-old was a suicide note.

︎ On April 18, Vladislav Avayev, former Vice President of Gazprombank, his wife and daughter were found dead in Moscow. According to preliminary investigations, Avayev shot his wife and daughter with a pistol and then committed suicide.

▶︎ On April 21, became an oligarch Sergej Protosenjahis wife and daughter found dead in Spain, in a house in Lloret de Mar. In the case of Protosenja, too, the police believe it is possible that he killed his wife and daughter and then committed suicide.

▶︎ Died in early May Alexander Subbotin, top executive of oil giant Lukoil, mysteriously. According to media reports, the 50-year-old had placed himself in the hands of a shaman couple to have his alcohol addiction treated. Among other things, toad poison is said to have been used.

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