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On the 20th, the Japan Association of Athletics Federations had been appointed as the men’s 35km racewalking representative of the Oregon World Athletics Championships (July, USA).Yusuke Suzuki(Fujitsu) announced that it has declined the representative due to poor conditions.

Suzuki has decided to participate in the frame (wild card) given to the 50km winner of the 19th Doha tournament last time, so no additional representatives will be elected due to the withdrawal. Through his affiliation, Fujitsu, he said, “I am sorry that I have declined following the Tokyo 2020 Olympics last year, and I am sorry that I could not meet the expectations of everyone who has been supporting and supporting me on a daily basis.”

Suzuki, a 50-kilogram gold medalist in Doha, has declined to represent the Tokyo Olympics due to poor conditions due to chronic fatigue. Even for the Oregon World Championships, he had the right to represent him, but he was still unable to make adjustments in the actual battle. He said, “We have been trying to recover for this world championship, but it never recovered and we decided again this time.”

He is still the world record holder for boys 20km. Suzuki, who has both his beautiful walking style and one of the fastest speeds in the world, intends to continue his active life in the future. “I haven’t thought about leaving the front line of the competition yet, and I would like to continue step by step with the goal of participating in the competition. Thank you for your support and support.” bottom.

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