Yvan Attal and Charlotte Gainsbourg: if they do not live in the same city, they will be a couple on the screen

While Charlotte Gainsbourg and her children reside in New York, Yvan Attal continues to pursue his career in France. The couple therefore often find themselves separated. But these will soon meet again since they will tour together again.

Following the death of her half-sister Kate Berry in December 2013, Charlotte gainsbourg made the decision to leave Paris to live in New York. But if the couple she forms with Yvan Attal remains united, he often finds himself separated: she in New York where their children continue their studies and him in Paris where he leads his various artistic projects simultaneously, in the theater with in particular the play The son by Florian Zeller or at the cinema with The Brio.

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The latter had also confided on this subject in Tea or coffee in June. “This year, with the theater, it was very special. I lived and still live for some time alone in the apartment which is less cheerful than when all my children are there, ” he had then lamented. He also added that this separation should last longer “two years”, the time that their eldest daughter spends the equivalent of the baccalaureate in the United States. “The house is still Paris, what, don’t mess around,” he had then concluded.

⋙ PHOTOS – Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal hand in hand at Molières 2018

But the couple will finally meet earlier than expected around a common project. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal will in fact meet again once again featured in a movie which will be directed by the actor and director. This one will therefore come back behind the camera to adapt the novel by John Fante, My stupid dog. The story centers on the life of a writer who had a huge success 25 years ago, but who has since struggled to regain his creativity. In the meantime, he has married, had four children, and lives in a beautiful house. But he blames his family for his loss of talent. One day when he comes home, his wife is waiting for him at the door. She thinks a bear has entered the house. But in reality, it is a dog, a mastiff from Naples, whose arrival will upset the whole family balance.

This new feature film will be the fifth collaboration between Yvan Attal and Charlotte Gainsbourg after My wife is an actress, They got married and had many children, Do Not Disturb and They are everywhere.


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