Zabaleta received the non-aligned picketers

In a “containment” plan to avoid the worsening of the social crisis 15 days before the legislative elections, the national government summoned emergency meetings with opposition social movements and to an emergency cabinet meeting at the Casa Rosada, which was headed by Juan Manzur after 5:00 p.m., to define the next steps to make the electoral campaign compatible with the administration, in the midst of the electoral ban.

Thus, after several weeks of social protests in the streets of Buenos Aires, the Minister of Social Development, Juan Zabaleta, received this Thursday at noon in the building on 9 de Julio and Belgrano avenues the main references of the social movements not aligned with the Casa Rosada, among them the Polo Obrero, who threatened to camp on the central avenue of entry to the City.

Social organizations announced the suspension of the camp on July 9 at least until next Tuesday, when they were summoned to a new meeting.

As learned, Zabaleta agreed to make the social plans to the requests of the beneficiaries,

The Ministry of Social Development reported that in the framework of the work meetings that officials of the Ministry of Social Development hold with social organizations, churches and NGOs, “Zabaleta proposed holding an inter-ministerial meeting for next week with the aim of advancing in the compatibility of social programs in genuine employment and the comprehensive approach to the gender issues raised “.

Representatives of different social organizations participated in the meeting, the Secretary of Social Economy, Emilio Pérsico; and the secretary of Articulation of Social Policies, Gustavo Aguilera. The proposal was accepted by the organizations.

In addition, Minister Zabaleta confirmed “a reinforcement of the food policy” and offered that “they be incorporated into the different production programs, construction of multisport playgrounds as Best Neighborhood and urbanization of popular neighborhoods.”

Emergency Cabinet Meeting

Cabinet meeting with Juan Manzur at the head.jpg

The new Cabinet of Alberto Fernández after the September elections.

The new Cabinet of Alberto Fernández after the September elections.

The Chief of Cabinet, Juan Manzur, called an emergency cabinet meeting for this afternoon, which was attended by, among others, the ministers of Social Development, Juan Zabaleta, of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis, of Security, Aníbal Fernández and Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero.

At the meeting, which took place in the Eva Perón Room on the first floor of the Casa Rosada, it is not ruled out that President Alberto Fernández, who had been at the Government headquarters since past noon, after participating in a new tour of campaign in the Buenos Aires suburbs, this time in the municipality of Lomas de Zamora.

Upon entering the cabinet meeting, Anibal FernandezHe referred to the Mapuche conflict in Río Negro, one of the issues that would be evaluated at the meeting.

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