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Zach Morris, the ‘Colombian gringo’, got bored with the country and decided to emigrate

Zach Morris is a 30-year-old U.S. citizen who has recognized in social networks for his love towards Colombia And, in fact, thanks to his work as the country’s representative to the world, the content creator received nationality in 2019 from then-Chancellor Carlos Holmes Trujillo (DEP).

However, the man who for a long time was called ‘the Colombian gringo’, surprised his large community of followers a couple of weeks ago, with an announcement for which several of them said they felt “sad” and that is , after almost 9 years based in national territory, He decided to go live in Argentina because he was “bored”.

“I fell in love with Colombia on a personal and professional level. I felt rebellious, unhappy with the state of things in the United States. Non-stop consumerism. You don’t feel like you’re living, they get a job and stay there comfortable. I wanted to avoid that and have a life of adventure, challenging myself, learning. That personally inspired me to find that path. Also the affection and good treatment of the Colombian people, that’s why I decided to start my career there. Later I became the Colombian gringo, although I got bored of that (…) I got bored of Colombia, it no longer gave me the emotion that it gave me at the beginning, “he said in an interview with the Argentine newspaper Clarín.

Despite having the Colombian flag tattooed on his neck, Zach Morris left for his new destination because he needs to experience new sensations and found in Argentina the perfect option.

“Of all the Latin American countries, the women that attract me the most are the Brazilian and Argentine. And I am also fascinated by Argentina, which is so different. From Mexico to Peru, with their variations, the cultures are similar. And then, you arrive in Argentina and you can already see it in the speech, the voice, the gestures that are unique, the food and the lifestyle, everything is very different “, he explained to said medium.

And things there have been very good for the American, since During recent days it became a trend on social networks in that country, thanks to a video that ended up causing quite a bit of controversy, as it showed what you can buy in Buenos Aires with five dollars: seven sandwiches, 65 eggs, seven orange juices, 21 empanadas and seven other drinks, a large bottle of Smirnoff brand vodka and four cans of Quilmes beer; plus 32 trips on the subway.

However, he also let it be known in his talk with Clarín that he has already planned the next destination he plans to visit when, perhaps, he also gets bored of being in Argentina.

“Brazil, I have a friend who is famous there. It’s another language, but I feel like I could learn to speak Portuguese much better than Spanish. That I could progress more. I will never be able to speak perfect Spanish. So Portuguese is a new challenge, “he added.

Finally, Zach Morris confessed that in addition to the income generated by his social networks, he is teaching English as a native teacher and the reception of his followers has been so good that this has allowed him to get extra money, as well as increase his community of fans for other nations of Latin America.


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