Zadić disempowers controversial chief of justice Pilnacek

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Zadic remained sovereign – even when it became known that he had met three suspects in the casino case without her knowledge. Pilnacek was instructed to refrain from doing this in the future. That was the end of the matter, and Zadic publicly praised him for his “excellent work” at Department.

That its section to be divided now is actually just a dismantling of the previous structure: 2010 was the then minister Claudia Bandion-Ortner the Areas Legistics and Individual criminal matters merged.

Pilnacek, who was previously the deputy chief of the Directorate-General for Prison, was then appointed head of the new “super resort”. As such, he was long considered the “most powerful man in the world Department“- which was not meant to be flattering.

With his disempowerment takes Zadic also politically out of the line of fire – delicate Criminal proceedings like the Ibiza, Casinos and Eurofighter Causa are in full swing, Pilnacek will soon no longer be responsible for it – can neither be “politically bullied” nor exert influence. Whichever way you take it.


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