Zaobao: The United States, Britain, Canada and Australia will diplomatically boycott the Winter Olympics, Australian Deputy Prime Minister Joyce Infects New Crown-ABC News

Good morning! Today is Thursday, December 9.

Today’s news feed:

  • The United States, Britain, Canada and Australia will diplomatically boycott the Winter Olympics
  • Australian Deputy Prime Minister Joyce is infected with the new crown and is the highest-level Australian government official diagnosed since the outbreak
  • Australian Food and Drug Administration approves Modena as booster vaccine
  • Victoria and Queensland respectively confirmed Ome Keron cases for the first time, and 8 new cases in NSW, reaching 42 cases
  • Let’s get to know the “Ashes Cup” cricket game that Australians are crazy about (The Ashes)

Let’s take a look at the latest epidemic figures:

  • Victoria: There were 1232 new cases, 9 deaths, 315 hospitalizations, 52 ICU cases, and a complete vaccination rate of 91% over 12 years old.
  • NSW: There were 420 new cases, 1 death, 151 hospitalizations, 25 ICU cases, 93% complete vaccination rate over 16 years old, 77.4% complete vaccination rate 12-15 years old

The United States, Britain, Canada and Australia will diplomatically boycott the Winter Olympics

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Morrison pointed out that the breakdown of Australia-China relations was one of the reasons for this decision.

The number of countries that have diplomatically boycotted the Beijing Winter Olympics continues to increase.

Following the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Lithuania also indicated that they will not send government officials to attend, and envoys to China will not attend the Winter Olympics.

Australian Olympic Committee chief executive Matt Carroll (Matt Carroll) said that a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics will not cast a shadow over the games.

In an interview with Channel Nine, he said that due to the epidemic, before the United States announced a diplomatic boycott, Australian government officials had already considered whether or not to attend.

Yesterday, Australian Prime Minister Morrison said that Australia will not send any officials to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics next year, which should be “not surprising”.

He did not use the term “diplomatic boycott”.

Morrison pointed out that the rupture of relations between Australia and China was one of the reasons for this decision. He also mentioned the continuing concerns about human rights violations in Xinjiang Uyghur communities.

The Chinese Embassy in Australia subsequently issued a statement stating that the Australian side stated that it would not send officials to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, “running against its so-called public statement that it hopes to improve China-Australia relations.”

“The success of the Australian side in the Beijing Winter Olympics depends on the performance of Australian athletes. It does not depend on the attendance of Australian officials or the political show of certain Australian politicians,” the statement read.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Joyce is infected with the new crown

Barnaby Joyce looks serious as he stares at something out of frame.
Joyce became the highest-level Australian government official diagnosed since the outbreak.(ABC News: Matt Roberts)

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce (Barnaby Joyce) was diagnosed with the new crown when he was on a business trip in Washington, USA.

A spokesperson for Joyce said in a statement that Joyce developed mild symptoms and was tested.

All the remaining members of the Australian delegation with him tested negative.

Joyce is currently in isolation.

As Deputy Prime Minister Joyce is the highest-level Australian government official who has been diagnosed with the new crown since the epidemic.

TGA approves Modena as booster vaccine

The Australian Medical Goods Administration (Therapeutic Goods Administration, TGA) approved Modena’s new crown vaccine as a booster vaccine for adults.

However, this still needs the final approval of the Australian Immunization Technical Advisory Group (ATAGI). Federal Minister of Health Greg Hunt (Greg Hunt) expressed the hope that ATAGI will approve it within two weeks.

Pfizer is currently the only vaccine approved as a booster shot.

The booster vaccine must be given six months after the second dose of vaccine.

44 people infected in a quiz game held in a bar in Sydney

Nighttime exterior of a pub with two people walking past.
Oxford Tavern bar where the outbreak of new crown cases is concentrated.(Supplied )

The NSW Department of Health said that the Oxford Tavern in Sydney’s inner west held a trivia night between 4-10.30pm on the evening of November 30, resulting in 44 people infected with the new crown.

All those who attended the event that night were close contacts and had been told to be tested immediately and self-quarantine.

In addition, five people were diagnosed at a party on the Sydney Harbour cruise ship, and two of them may be infected with Omi Keron.

New South Wales added 403 cases yesterday, which is the highest number in nearly eight weeks.

Queensland and Victoria respectively confirm the first case in Ome Keron NSW with 8 additional cases

This Victorian case is an imported case overseas and is currently under quarantine in a hotel. He arrived from the Netherlands via Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The other two cases, which may be community infections, are located in the jurisdictions of Brimbank and Casey local government. They have not been confirmed yet and are waiting for genome sequencing results. These two possible cases are not related to overseas imported cases.

Ome Keron was found in multiple states in Australia. There are 8 new cases in NSW today, bringing the total to 42. However, there has not been a single case of Omi Keron requiring hospitalization.

It has been found in about 40 countries around the world, and the number of cases in the UK exceeds one thousand.

Experts say Omi Keron is likely to become the main variant of Australia’s new crown soon.

However, the Minister of Health Hunter said again that although Omi Keron seems to be very spreading, it is unlikely to cause serious illness.

The Victorian government reiterated that all Australian Open players must be fully vaccinated

Novak Djokovic stretches out to hit a backhand return against Alexander Zverev at the Australian Open.
Whether the top seed Xiaode will participate in next year’s Australian Open has attracted much attention.(AAP: Dave Hunt)

The Australian Open, which will be held in Melbourne in January next year, has included the world’s top seed player Novak Djokovic in the main draw.

However, it is still unclear whether Xiaode can come to the competition.

Xiaode has never publicly disclosed his vaccination status. The Victorian government has repeatedly reiterated that all players who come to compete must be fully vaccinated against the new crown.

Victorian Lieutenant Governor James Merlino (James Merlino) said that the medical exemption cannot be a reason for players to circumvent this rule.

There has been speculation that Xiaode seeks a medical exemption to avoid the Victorian rule.

Over the past few months, the Victorian government has insisted that only fully vaccinated players, entourages, staff and spectators are allowed to enter the Australian Open.

This morning, Tennis Australia (Tennis Australia) has confirmed that Druid must be fully vaccinated to participate in the Australian Open.

In addition, the American women’s tennis player, 40-year-old Serena Williams will miss the Australian Open next year because of injuries and will not be able to compete in accordance with medical advice.

Since she withdrew from Wimbledon due to a torn hamstring in late June, she has not participated in the International Women’s Tennis Association WTA Tour and has also missed the US Open.

The Australians are crazy about the “Ashes Cup” cricket match (Ashes Test)

The Australian and England men's Test cricket captains stand with the Ashes trophy.
Australia and England are “mortal enemies” on the cricket court.(AAP: Jono Searle)

In the past two days, I believe everyone has been hearing the word “Ashes Test”. This is the biennial “The Ashes” England-Australia cricket match that made Australia go crazy for men, women and children.

England and Australia are rivals on the cricket court.

According to uncertain sources, the origin of the “Ember Cup” can be traced back to the 1880s, when the Australian team defeated the England team for the first time in the UK. British newspapers lamented that England cricket was dead and should be cremated. The ashes should be brought to Australia and even After England went to Australia to play, it was called “striving to recapture the ashes again.” The trophy of the Ash Cup is indeed a replica of a urn.

The Ashes Cup has five confrontation tournaments (tests), which generally start in November of the following year and play until the beginning of the second year of the new year. The competitions are held alternately by Australia and England, and each competition is toured in different venues in the host country. Each game lasts for five days, playing for several hours a day.

This year’s (2021-2022) match at home in Australia was postponed until yesterday (December 8) at the Gabba Stadium in Brisbane due to the epidemic, attracting tens of thousands of fans to watch the match.

After the Gabba Test is over, the second tour will be held at Adelaide Oval on December 16, and the third will be held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground MCG on December 26, which is the famous Boxing Day MCG. Cricket game, on January 5th, Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney Cricket Ground, SCG) held the fourth game, the fifth game will be held on January 14th, the specific location has not yet been determined.

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