Zapfenstreich: recognition for people who fought

The topic

Dhe week brought us a surprising insight: there is actually still a world outside of Germany, beyond flickering traffic lights, battered CDU, fluctuating incidence values. There is even good news from there. – Election results can also facilitate. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, a dubious businessman, populist and contemptor of the EU, lost in the parliamentary elections in the Czech Republic. Contrary to expectations, the party alliance Spolu (Together), which includes conservatives and left-wing pirates, performed best.

The election result is also due to the strong commitment of a civil society initiative that wants to bind the country more closely to Western Europe again. It is called “A Million Moments for Democracy” and has proven that illiberal democracy does not have to be the fate of the Central European states. It is like greeting Václav Havel from above.

Felix or infelix Austria: Sebastian Kurz has stepped aside. An ironic punch line that the firm young man, whom the Merkel haters would have liked to have transplanted into the German Federal Chancellery, now has to give up his office even before Angela Merkel. The background: probably corruption, but certainly frenzied ambition, small business and a mish-mash of politics and media. Now the popular darling looks a bit like a rotten fruit. The Austrians need both: Heroes and Praetorians and felt. Have you still not come to terms with the end of the monarchy?

The surprise

The state actor Emmanuel Macron, who is only moderately successful in real life, has played with the really big building blocks again. In the coming year, he wants to be re-elected as president, next to Ms. Le Pen, the right-wing candidate and TV star Eric Zemmour is sitting on his neck. Macron made great promises: “Reinventing nuclear power. Today is the beginning of a great adventure. We are preparing for 2030. ”Above all with nuclear power, mini reactors with short construction times.

The President is kicking Germany, the model boy who has renounced nuclear power, in the shin. Just like 26 scientists and journalists from many countries who just asked in an open letter that the German nuclear power plants should stay connected. The much-vaunted German “climate government” would be a failed creation anyway. The EU’s share of global CO2-Emissions are 9.5, Germany’s 2 percent. The “climate government” would have to be a world government and climate policy would have to be foreign policy. The future federal government should take this to heart.

The scandal

In almost 20 years there were 93,000 Bundeswehr soldiers in Afghanistan. As best they could, they protected the population from terrorists, built wells and helped. The Bundeswehr was anything but a martial power. 59 Bundeswehr soldiers did not come back alive. When the last soldiers returned to Germany recently, however, there were no high government representatives on the spot.

Now the soldiers’ mission in Afghanistan was honored with a big tattoo in front of the Berlin Reichstag. That is less than the necessary confrontation with the mistakes of the intervention policy. But it’s more than nothing: a little bit of recognition for people who fought and suffered. And which the drama at the other end of the world will probably never let go of.

That did not impress those who immediately feel like courageous anti-fascists at the sight of a steel helmet and hardly believe in traditions. This tattoo is a scandal, it reminds of the darkest chapter of German history. He does not. The scandal is the hard-heartedness of these critics.

The insolence

Sometimes artists take very special liberties. The successful Irish writer Sally Rooney has banned her latest novel “Schöne Welt, wo sind Du” from appearing in an Israeli publisher. The author describes herself as a Marxist. She considers Israel to be an apartheid state and supports the BDS movement. She is free to do so, the right to freedom of expression applies. But what right does she have in collective guilt proceedings to forbid all Israelis from reading her book in their mother tongue? How bigoted this is can be seen from the fact that the author has no objection to the translation of her books into Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Persian. None of the states in which these languages ​​are spoken are rule of law and democracy. The spell of the foolish woman hits the only democracy in the Middle East.

The cream pie

After ten minutes William Shattner, 90 years old, Captain Kirk, was safely back from space, looked cheerful and had a message ready: “How endangered and fragile everything is! There is only this thin layer of atmosphere that keeps us alive. ”- In Etsdorf in Upper Palatinate there is now a memorial: Angela Merkel on horseback, no reins, but a diamond. The monument does not have a pedestal.


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