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Zemmour meeting in Villepinte: demonstrations, risk of clashes … what to expect tomorrow

They were 3,000 last Saturday, how many will they be on Sunday? About fifty trade unions, parties and associations

call for demonstrations tomorrow in Paris to “silence” Eric Zemmour, who will hold in the afternoon, in Seine-Saint-Denis, his first meeting as a declared presidential candidate.

If, for security reasons, the far-right polemicist announced on Wednesday the displacement of this meeting, which was to take place at the Zénith of the Parc de la Villette (Paris XIX), at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte (Seine-Saint- Denis), the organizations hostile to his coming have maintained their Parisian course. Departing from the Barbès district (18th century Paris), at 1 pm, their procession will go to La Villette.

“It was a bit complicated to organize a demonstration at the last moment in Seine-Saint-Denis. We risked losing people, not meeting all the security conditions, and then that forced us to redo a communication “, while leaflets and posters have already started to be distributed and pasted, explained during a conference press release at the Bourse du Travail Benoît Martin, secretary general of the CGT departmental union in Paris. Denouncing a man who conveys “hatred” and “division”, Mr. Martin said he hoped for a “great popular demonstration of Ile-de-France residents on Sunday” to “silence Zemmour, that is to say speak louder than him in fact. “. “We are betting on numbers,” he said without putting forward a figure.

A “high risk of violent clashes”

On social networks, however, a collective called to also meet at noon in Villepinte, estimating that “the organizations at the initiative of the unitary demonstration in Barbès continue to want to maintain a harmless demonstration in the middle of Paris, now at around fifteen kilometers from Villepinte ”while“ the anti-fascist struggle does not stop at the borders of the ring road ”. In the first place, the anti-Zemmour militants launched a movement of false registrations at the Villepinte meeting, in order to take seats and not fill them.

VIDEO. “For me, Zemmour is a fascist”: Aymeric Caron reacts to his presence in the clip of the polemicist According to a police source interviewed byBFM

, the police are expecting a few thousand people in Paris and a hundred ultra-left activists in Villepinte, where clashes are therefore to be feared. Far-right and far-left groups could clash violently during rallies of support and opposition.

December 3, 2021

The CGT and Solidaires, the PCF 75, the NPA, Ensemble !, the Left Party, the Young Ecologists, the youth organizations Unef and FIDL, SOS Racisme, call in particular to demonstrate.

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