Zemmour wants to return to parity

If he were to become president, Eric Zemmour “would return to parity, which is an insult to women”. This is what the far-right polemicist, putative candidate for the supreme election, told a few journalists on the sidelines of his trip this Saturday to Béziers. He adds, to clarify his thought: “the merit, the merit, the merit!” “

Reminder: since 1999, it has been enshrined in the Constitution that the law “promotes equal access of men and women to electoral mandates and elective functions”. Since 2000, a whole legislative arsenal has aimed to promote parity in society. The parties which do not present an equal number of women and men to the polls of lists and to the legislative ones are fined… It is the law.

In his book, “France has not said its last word” (Rubempré), Zemmour writes: “In a traditional society, men’s sexual appetite goes hand in hand with power; women are the goal and the booty of every gifted man who aspires to climb up in society. Women recognize him, elect him, cherish him. “On CNews, a few weeks ago, he said:” The feminine values ​​for thirty years have won (…) When feminine values ​​dominate, the notion of power, authority, verticality evaporates. “

Today the polemicist turns into a candidate, and therefore, the diatribe turns into a proposition. Accused of insulting women, he replies that the insult is parity. “One in two French people is a French woman, one in two voters, one voter” recalls an RN executive who sees in his relationship to women one of Eric Zemmour’s weaknesses. This does not seem to worry the former journalist. Returning to parity is the political translation of its vision of the world. This is his project.

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