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Reporter Chen Qianxiu / Comprehensive Report

Wang Sicong, the mainland “hundreds of billions of rich and young”, is famous for his criticism of entertainment and current affairs, and he has the title of “National Husband”. He once said that as long as Yang Mi divorced, he would marry her. As a result, the goddess announced the divorce in 2018, but he did not take any action.

▲Wang Sicong once shouted “Yang Mi will marry her when she gets divorced.” When the wife divorced in 2018, everyone paid attention to Wang Sicong’s actions. (Picture/CFP, reposted from Jiaxing Yang Mi Studio’s Weibo)

Wang Sicong shared the conditions for choosing a mate, “I think it will be very difficult to find a girlfriend in the circle. Anyway, like me, I must not allow it to shoot kiss scenes with other men. Yes, yes, in this respect.” He said the same was true of the richest man’s father, Wang Jianlin.

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▲▼The reason why Wang Sicong did not marry Yang Mi was dug up.  (Photo/Retrieved from Luwang/Sina Entertainment)

▲The reason why Wang Sicong did not marry Yang Mi was unearthed. (Photo/Retrieved from Luwang/Sina Entertainment)

According to Lu Wang, Wang Sicong is a non-marriage activist. For many years, he has often had sex scandals with Internet celebrities, but none of them talked about marriage. He once said in an unmarried speech: “Marriage is something that humans invented from deception. I don’t believe in the concept of marriage. Inventing this thing is against nature. Do you think lions get married?”

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