Zenith | At the same pace: Zenith and superstar DJ Carl Cox present the limited edition DEFY Extreme

2023-09-24 22:05:46

Zenith celebrates with Carl Cox the launch of its eponymous DEFY Extreme watch, a limited edition of 100 pieces inspired by the DJ world. After the watch presentation, Carl performed an exclusive concert, his last London show of 2023, at the iconic Raffles in Chelsea: one of the biggest names in electronic music did what he does best in front of a packed room

Carl Cox, British DJ, producer and friend of the ZENITH brand, is a living legend in the world of electronic music. Unanimously considered a pioneer, he is recognized for having taken his art to new heights, thanks to a unique sound that continues to touch a global audience. With ZENITH, he not only shares a spirit of innovation and daring, but also authenticity and, above all, loyalty to oneself.

The second edition of its kind, the highly anticipated DEFY Extreme Carl Cox follows the DEFY 21 Carl Cox released in 2020. This time, ZENITH and the internationally renowned DJ have turned the volume up a few notches and explored the world of electronic music. The second watch born from their collaboration is the subject of a limited edition of 100 pieces.

Commenting on the new chapter in the history of this long-standing friendship, Julien Tornare, CEO of ZENITH, said: “Always cheerful, positive and full of energy, Carl Cox truly inspires us. It shows that, if you are passionate and motivated by what you do, nothing is impossible. For our second collaborative watch, we wanted to delve deeper into his rhythmic world and return to his beginnings as a DJ with analog instruments. As a result, ZENITH’s most advanced chronograph revisited by Carl Cox sports a retro-futuristic and even minimalist style, and it’s really special. »

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DEFY Extreme © Zenith

For the limited edition DEFY Extreme Carl Cox, ZENITH went back to the source and took inspiration from one of the legendary DJ’s most essential tools: the turntable. With the fastest and most robust chronograph ever made by ZENITH to set the tempo, the idea was to incorporate design elements from Carl Cox’s favorite turntable set. For the first time ever, the DEFY Extreme’s case is made from yellow gold and microblasted steel, giving it a much brighter and shimmering look than polished or brushed steel, while also giving it a minimalist, nostalgically retro look. futuristic. The touches of matte yellow gold on the dodecagonal bezel and the pusher guards evoke the golden tone arm of the records.

Carl Cox said: “I am very honored that Zenith has immortalized in this watch the three turntables that helped me make my name. Beautifully crafted, with incredible attention to detail, the watch is a fitting tribute to an instrument that has brought dance floors to life around the world by a brand known for its mastery of movement. The watchmaker wanted to do something special, he couldn’t have done better! Oh yes oh yes !

The openwork dial constitutes the high frequency mixing stage. Above the smoked sapphire crystal base, three black chronograph counters take the shape of miniature vinyl records, with concentric grooves that catch and reflect light as if they are spinning. The minute path is decorated with perfectly aligned dots that recall the strobe effect found on the faces of Carl Cox’s favorite turntables. The power reserve indicator, at 12 o’clock on the smoked sapphire plate, takes the shape of an ON/OFF needle.

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We discover the El Primero 9004 caliber through the openwork dial and the sapphire caseback. It is the fastest mass-produced chronograph movement in the world, the only one to use the high frequency of 50 Hz to display 1/100th of a second. For the DEFY Extreme Carl Cox Limited Edition, the star-shaped oscillating weight and the plate have been coated in black.

Carl Cox portant la DEFY Extreme © Zenith

In addition to the integrated bead-blasted steel bracelet, the DEFY Extreme Carl Cox Limited Edition comes with a black rubber strap and a black Velcro strap that can be easily put on, without tools, thanks to the quick-change mechanism integrated into the case .

And, as music and movement brought ZENITH and Carl Cox together, the legendary English electronic music pioneer has created a special playlist, titled “Carl Cox -sound created by Carl Cox for ZENITH. You can listen to the creation on Spotify and on the ZENITH website.

“As, over the years, I have gotten to know the members of the Zenith team well, sometimes personally during some of my concerts, I had to pull out all the stops to create a playlist that would appeal to them. I started with the songs we originally selected, including some of the gems I dusted off for my online Cabin Fever sessions. I then added songs that I enjoy playing today – songs that bring people together on the dance floor. I included some lesser-known versions of my own compositions for Electronic Generations and, to make sure I got through to the end, I included a few of my special remixes,” said Carl Cox.

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The DEFY Extreme Carl Cox, a limited edition of 100 pieces, will be available to order from September 25, exclusively on the ZENITH website and in stores around the world. Buyers will have the opportunity to meet Carl Cox in person at select events.

Carl Cox portant la DEFY Extreme © Zenith
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