Zhang Chenguang’s worth is doubled, and the coach is specially asked to reduce his body fat to less than 17%

Reporter Pei Lu/Taipei Report

The movie version of Yi Shu’s novel “The Golden Years” was once performed by two major actresses, Zhong Chuhong and Maggie Cheung. The TV series version will be remade and will premiere on the Chinese Channel of Satellite TV on October 18. In the TV series, Liu Shishi and Ni Ni are the protagonists Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo. Fans have said that the temperament and appearance of the two are very in line with the personality in the play. In addition, they have assembled many high-profile and powerful actors in Taiwan such as Yang Youning, Chen Daoming and Zhang Chenguang. Not only do you get high scores in Douban, from casting, costumes, and then to the plot, you often rush to the hot search list and become a topic.

Zhang Chenguang’s worth doubled. (Photo / Satellite TV Chinese Channel)

The dramatization of well-known novels has always been a thankless job. In addition, many years ago, Zhong Chuhong and Maggie Cheung also acted as heroines in the movie version of novels of the same name. It can be expected that book fans will compare them. The play was a sensation before it was performed. In addition to caring about who will perform the two heroines with different personalities and destinies in the play, whether the screenwriter will go like a movie version, the plot of two women robbing a man is also the focus of everyone’s concern.

In “The Golden Years”, two actors familiar to Taiwan audiences participated in the performance. One of them was Zhang Chenguang, known as the “most handsome screen dad”, who played the father of Liu Shishi, the heroine of the play. It leads to bankruptcy and the family is in decline. Although the drama has declined, his value has doubled outside the drama. Advertising endorsements and drama appointments continue. For this reason, he pays more attention to his appearance and specially hires professional fitness coaches to reduce body fat to less than 17%. I will be more upright and handsome when wearing costumes in my future works.

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