Zhang Fei, the 71-year-old variety show big brother who hasn’t been seen for a long time on the Internet, has recently been exposed-Entertainment-China Times News

Variety show big brother Zhang Fei (Fei Ge) faded out of the showbiz after the “Variety Show Fei Changzan” hosted in 2018 was turned off. In recent years, he has lived a comfortable semi-retired life. He was met by chance in New Taipei recently. He is 71 years old and still looks super good. And close to the people and take photos with the people.

Some netizens posted on the Facebook group “Shimen People’s World”, saying that when they went to buy fried sweet potatoes, they happened to meet the famous host Zhang Fei who also came to buy them. Zhang Fei, who hadn’t appeared in front of the scene for a long time, was wearing a black down jacket and black sweatpants. Dressed casually in black, with a signature beard, he happily took a group photo with the public, and praised and compared YA, showing his friendly side.

Zhang Fei’s recent situation at the age of 71 was exposed. (Picture / Taken from the “Shimen People’s World” Facebook group)

Seeing this, netizens called out “I’m so lucky” and “Do you want to sign?” The original PO said he was so excited that he forgot. Zhang Fei usually loves sailing, heavy locomotives, and light aircraft. Because his airport is in Hualien, he also moved his household registration to Hualien. Cozy.

And he was once asked if he would come back to host again, he also said that as long as he encounters a good program and a good script, he is willing to return to the front. Zhang Fei is loved by many audiences for her humorous hosting style. She is known as the “Three Kings and One Queen” together with Wu Zongxian, Hu Gua and Zhang Xiaoyan. She has also won the Golden Bell Award for Variety Show Host twice, occupying a place in the variety show circle .

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