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A woman in Shanghai was suspected to have been killed, her body packed in a suitcase. (Picture/Flip from Weibo)

too frightening! A Chinese netizen claimed that after her female colleague posted a message in the workgroup a few days ago, she has lost contact since then. Someone else in her rental house saw the female colleague’s computer and backpack scattered at the door, and some neighbors even heard it. The woman’s screams. The monitor screen showed that a man dragged a suitcase to leave, which was suspected of containing a corpse, and the murderer was also arrested 10 hours after the incident.

According to “Upstream News”, the community’s monitorsshowAt 13:46 pm on October 11, a young man wearing a mask pulled a large suitcase and walked out of the corridor. It was obvious that the suitcase was loaded with heavy objects. In addition, the man was holding a white towel in his hand.

Residents said that the community is an old community with only 2 entrances and exits. There are many tenants in the building, about 14-15 square meters per household, and the monthly rent is about 4,000 yuan. They also mentioned that the man in the film is suspected. The second landlord of the missing woman had been observing for a period of time before committing the crime, but the specific circumstances are not clear.

The man was photographed by a monitor.  (Picture/Retrieved from upstream news)
The man was photographed by a monitor. (Picture/Retrieved from upstream news)

A person familiar with the matter disclosed that the victimized woman came back from studying in the UK. She joined a company in Shanghai this year. It seemed that the probation period was almost over, but unfortunately she suffered this disaster. It is understood that the police have arrested the suspect 10 hours after the incident. The body of the murdered woman was found in Wuxi, Jiangsu, but there was no online transmission of the broken body. The case is under further investigation.

After the news was exposed, netizens discussed, “It’s too abnormal”, “It’s terrible, it’s safer for girls to install a monitor at the door”, “You have to learn martial arts and Sanda for self-defense”, “It’s true that a girl who lives alone is really safe.” People should pay attention to safety. Don’t go out too late. When you go out, the door is locked.” “Is this a human thing?”


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