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Zhong Yuan: The Truth Leaked by the CCP’s Religious Work Conference | Freedom | Democracy | Xi Jinping

[Epoch Times December 05, 2021]December 3rd to 4th, the Communist Party of China heldreligionAt the working meeting, all seven members of the Politburo Standing Committee attended the meeting, leading a large group of non-religious CCP officials to discuss the so-called theory of the party’s religious work, highlighting the nature of the CCP’s unity of state and religion, and leaking the truth about the CCP’s attempt to manipulate all religions.

On the same day, the CCP also issued the so-called “democracyWhite Paper”. A wicked party with a bloody dictatorship and a unity of politics and religion, but it speaks eloquently about democracy and democracy.religionfree, It is really a big issue in the world.

Religion “sinicization” or CCPization

Xinhua News Agency’s report is mainlyXi JinpingIn his speech, saying that it is necessary to uphold “the party’s religious beliefsfreepolicy”.

Whether there is religious freedom in mainland China, Tibet, Xinjiang, and people of various ethnic groups who believe in various religions have the most say.Since the CCP came to power, mainland China has lost religious freedom and various freedoms granted by the Constitution.persecutionThe persecution of various sports has never stopped. The crimes of live organ harvesting, brainwashing classes, and torture have fully extended from the persecution of Falun Gong to the persecution of various religions and human rights.

Against the Chinese Communist PartypersecutionWestern countries have repeatedly imposed sanctions on the abuse of human rights and religious freedom, and are currently seriously considering a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The CCP held a religious work conference at this time and did not shy away from the fact that it was persecuting religions. It was still trying to manipulate all religions.

The report also stated that it is necessary to adhere to the “direction of sinicization of religion.”

This kind of party culture vocabulary is unique in the world. I have never heard of any country that has put forward such an alternative point of view. Is it possible that religion needs to be Americanized, Europeanized, and Asianized?

When many religions are introduced into different countries, due to differences in language, customs, and national culture, some changes will naturally occur, and even different branches will occur. In the history of China for thousands of years, these changes have been happening subtly among the people, and there is basically no external political intervention. It is rarely heard in the world that any religion has proposed the concept of which nationalization will evolve, and belief has no national boundaries. .

The “direction of sinicization of religion” proposed by the CCP is actually a brainwashing method to confuse the CCP and China. The authorities also claimed to “guide religion to adapt to socialist society”, “organize and guide religious believers”, and “strive in unity” to “build socialist modernization”.

Therefore, the so-called “direction of the sinicization of religion” is essentially the “direction of the Chinese communism” of religion, which is just pretending to be “sinicized.”

The true purpose of the CCP’s religious work

Xinhua News Agency reported that “since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China”, “the party’s religious work has been innovated and promoted”, and “religious circles have promoted patriotism and emphasized the overall situation…and constantly increase their recognition of…the Communist Party of China and socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

The CCP calls itself atheism, and its religion is theism. According to the CCP, all theistic religions must identify with the atheistic CCP, and the logic is completely unreasonable.

According to the report, “it is necessary to establish a sound and powerful leadership mechanism, to uphold and develop socialist religious theories with Chinese characteristics, and to adhere to the party’s basic principles of religious work,” and “must persist in uniting the broad masses of religious believers around the party and the government.”

The CCP wants more than simply to be recognized, but all religions must obey the leadership of the CCP. The CCP regards itself as the world’s largest religious forum that combines politics and religion. However, CCP officials want to lead all religions, but they do not allow CCP members to believe in any religion.

The report also stated that “the essence of the party’s religious work is mass work” and “is the mass basis of the party’s governance.”

This sentence points out the true intentions of the CCP. After the CCP is worried that the people believe in religion, it will no longer believe in the CCP’s atheist propaganda. It is even more worried that religion will take away a large number of people and shake the CCP’s ruling foundation. In the 72 years since the founding of the Communist Party of China, it has not had self-confidence, for fear that the regime might be subverted any day. This is the true purpose of the Communist Party of China trying to manipulate all religions.

Religious group‘S true identity was exposed

Xinhua News Agency reported that “religious organizations are the bridge and link between the party and the government to unite and connect with religious figures and the broad masses of religious believers.” History, History of New China, History of Reform and Opening-up, and Education of the History of Socialist Development”.

The “religious groups” mentioned by the CCP are only a small group of people, not all religious people; the CCP wants to use so-called “religious groups” to turn religious people into party affiliates. Religious people still need to study party history and socialist theory, and they clearly want to instill the party culture of the CCP, but they call it “promoting Chinese culture.”

The report also stated that “it is necessary to strengthen the self-construction of religious groups and improve the leadership team”.

The leading figures in various so-called “religious organizations” in mainland China are probably the “leadership members” planted by the CCP. The CCP also requires “training a team of party and government cadres who are proficient in Marxist religious views, familiar with religious work, and good at working with religious believers”, “train a politically reliable, religiously accomplished”, and “religion that works at a critical moment”. “Promoting the establishment of the leadership of the party committee”.

The so-called “religious organizations” under the CCP’s rule are actually party committee organizations dispatched by the CCP. Of course, they are not allowed to believe in religion, but they have to pretend to be religious people and serve the CCP. Only the top-level figures among them are qualified to participate in the CCP’s religious conferences and listen to the CCP’s top leaders. CCP officials arbitrarily decide what kind of religious writings are not allowed in religious places, at home, or whose portraits are not allowed to be displayed.

The bishop appointed by the Vatican is not recognized by the CCP, but the CCP has to appoint a Catholic archbishop in mainland China on its own, and of course it must obey the CCP. The emergence of numerous house churches and underground churches in the Chinese Communist Party should be to get rid of the CCP’s control and maintain the original meaning of religion.

Concluding remarks

In the thousands of years since the emergence of this civilization of mankind, various religions have emerged in China and around the world, many of which have crossed national boundaries and spread widely. The purpose of most orthodox religions is to teach people to worship God, avoid evil and promote good. They also talk about the principle of retribution for good and evil. The existence of religion maintains human morality to a large extent, and it also plays a role in stabilizing society invisibly.

In Chinese history, most kings respected religious people, and many also believed in gods and religions religiously, and vigorously promoted the development of religion, such as carving statues, building temples, translating and collating religious documents, etc., to guide people to the heavens and gods. The people generally respect and support religious figures. In history, there are individual cases of monarchs destroying Buddha, which eventually led to the rapid downfall of the dynasty.

The CCP’s constant struggle with the heavens, the earth, and the gods also determined the short-lived life of the CCP’s Red Dynasty. At the end of the run, the CCP tried to use the unity of church and state to continue its life, but it was also in vain.

CCP talksdemocracyIt is really a blasphemy against democracy; the CCP’s religious work conference is even a direct blasphemy against religion. The CCP withdraws from the stage of history as soon as possible, only then will religion be free in China and the Chinese people will be free.

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