Zhou Ting’s Facebook page disappeared without explaining the reason | Position report

Earlier, he was sentenced to 10 months in prison in a police case. Former Hong Kong Zhizhi member Zhou Ting was released from prison on the 12th of this month. Today’s reporter discovered that Zhou Ting’s Facebook page has disappeared. When asked if she would delete the page on her own, she refused to respond.

Zhou Ting’s Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts still exist. She was still posting a limited time update on IG yesterday, revealing that she was dyeing her hair.

“Position News” today called Zhou Ting to ask her whether she would delete the page on her own and the reasons for the deletion. She declined to be interviewed.

After Zhou Ting was released from prison on the 12th of this month,Post on IG on the same daySaid that “the painful half a year and 20 days is finally over.” She said that she must rest and maintain her body, “because the body has become too thin during this period.”

Zhou Ting pleaded guilty to the crime of “inciting others to participate in an unauthorized assembly” in the Magistrate’s Court on June 21, 2019, and was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment. After that, he applied to the Magistrates’ Court and the High Court to wait for bail. All appeals were rejected. Lin Langyan, who had the shortest sentence in the same case, completed his sentence in April this year; Huang Zhifeng was sentenced to 13.5 months, but he is expected to continue to be remanded in custody due to the 47-person primary election after serving his sentence.

Zhou Ting was also arrested by the police in August last year for “collaborating with foreign or foreign forces to endanger national security” under the National Security Act. At that time, she was granted bail with 20,000 yuan and 180,000 yuan personnel guarantee, and handed over all travel documents, which means she is unable to do so now. Departure.

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