Zico believes the war elephants will qualify for the Suzuki Cup – hoping to see the Vietnamese champion temple calling the trend – fresh news

Zico Kiatisak Senamuang, former Thai national team coach, believes that “War Elephants” will definitely qualify for the 2020 Suzuki Cup, hoping to see the champions with Vietnam to call the fans.

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Zico Kiatisak Senamuang, head coach of Hong Anh Yalai, Vietnam V-League champion, former Thai national team coach Discussing the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 football draw after the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) drawn the lottery for Thailand. belong to group A Along with Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and teams from the play-off round (Brunei or Timor Leste).

For the program for the first round of the Thai national team, December 5th meets the play-off team, December 11th meets Myanmar, December 14th meets the Philippines and December 18th. Meet Singapore

Former coach who led the Thai national team Won the Suzuki Cup 2 times in a row, said that for the group of Thailand with football standards The Thai team is already against every team. It’s up to the players to show their potential.

Competitors like the Philippines have a lot of foreigners. Must see if there will be more from the original or not, as for Singapore, it will focus on the defense already. according to the style that lasts as long as possible It depends on how Thailand will penetrate. If it’s fast, it won’t be a problem. While in Myanmar, there is little movement. And now in the country there is a problem too. But anything can happen in football.

“I believe that the Thai team will qualify for the finals. If not careless, it’s up to the 1st or the 2nd place. The important thing is how to play to be more impressive. ASEAN football today It’s up to how to make it fun. to get the fans interested.”

“Personally, if possible, I would like to Thailand goes to compete with Vietnam because it is considered as the 2 rival teams of ASEAN. Then Vietnam is the old champion. It will be a fun, interesting game that will attract a lot of fans.”

Coach Zico also said that in the group of Thailand and Vietnam, he does not think that Thailand will be lighter, thinks that it is equally heavy. There is no light match between ASEAN football.

However, this hour is considered that Vietnam is confident because they have qualified for the 12th round of the World Cup in the Asian zone as well. The team has already been prepared. and is a team that is more prepared than all teams Vietnam is focused on the World Cup. Therefore, coming to play Suzuki Cup Vietnam has an advantage over other teams in terms of readiness.

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