Sport Zidane's Confinement: Training with Theo and Elyaz, video analysis,...

Zidane’s Confinement: Training with Theo and Elyaz, video analysis, two return scenarios and music by Francis Cabrel


Elite footballers, and not so elite, taking advantage of the gardens and pools of their mansions and houses to train and minimize the impact of an undetermined time without competition or group training. That is the set that many of them show for two weeks on their social networks, when the state of alarm was decreed in Spain, but what about the coaches? What are the technicians doing to keep the season flame alive? Of them, more demure in his virtual exhibition, we have little news, but that is not why they are in the chaise longue of his house popcorn in hand with Netflix on his 8k television. At least not in the case of Zidane.

«We all live a special moment. Take care of yourself, your loved ones and enjoy your home. It is the only way to beat him. All together », wrote the Frenchman on Friday to his 25.4 million followers on Instagram with a photo of him exercising on a treadmill. It was the first public message from the Real Madrid coach since the coronavirus took away covers and headlines from football.

«Zizou is, fundamentally, and for many titles he has won on the bench, a footballer. His soul is that of a gamer. If during the preseason he already dedicates a lot of time to his physical training, imagine now, “sources from Real Madrid explain to this newspaper. “During the season, he dedicates so many hours to his work that he barely has time to train and he is one of those who, if he can, exercises up to three hours a day,” reveals one person from his environment.

With his wife and two minor children
The mini soccer field and the basketball and tennis court, in addition to a bright and complete gym where there is space for even a couple of foosball tables, are the abundant work tools of Zidane, confined with his wife, Véronique, and his two younger children, Theo and Elyaz, in their Conde de Orgaz villa, an area located in the luxurious Madrid neighborhood of La Piovera. Enzo and Lucas, his two older offspring, are passing the alarm in Almería and Santander, players this season of the Andalusian team and Racing, respectively. The reading, a passion aroused after his metamorphosis from player to coach, together with the French music of Francis Cabrel, Zidane’s favorite French singer-songwriter, complete the time of evasion of the Real Madrid coach, whose greatest daily occupation is for his team.

“He is watching all the games this season and he cares about putting together what he considers most relevant,” they explain to ABC. Together with Bettoni, who is the one who coordinates with the rest of the coaching staff -Dupont, Hamidou, Javier Mallo, Roberto Vázquez and José Parra-, they break down successes and errors, own and others, of these seven months of competition cut from the night to the Tomorrow due to the coronavirus and, above all, they are working on the return of the League and the Champions, with two possible scenarios: «They are planning what to do according to the return date of training. In about 25 days, in the most optimistic option, or in 35-40 days, in the most pessimistic one ».

Depending on this, and the accumulation of games that exist in more or less space of time, they will carry out a work program or another in which there are fifteen days of mini preseason. What Zidane or anyone in his coaching staff does not contemplate is the suspension of the season. Nor have they valued spending all summer competing or linking the end of this course with the beginning of the next. At the moment, his work focuses on an outcome of the season ending on July 15 and the respective three-four weeks of vacation before looking ahead to course 20-21, but since only the coronavirus has the answer, the evolution of the pandemic will mark the steps of Zidane in the coming weeks. .


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