Zinkovsky, Glushenkov, Umyarov, Pinyaev and other Spartak and Wings players took a photo in Freedom to Nikolai Larin T-shirts – Football

Players “Spartacus” and “Wings of the Soviets” supported Nikolai Larin.

former director of the academy “Chertanovo” sentenced to three years in prison in a general regime penal colony in a fraud case.

After the team match in Moscow within the 12th round of the World RPLin which Spartak won (5: 2), the players of both teams took a joint photo with T-shirts on which the text “Freedom to Nikolai Larin” was placed.

Participated in the action Danil PrutsevMaxim Vitiugov, Ivan LomaevDmitry Tsypchenko, Maxim Glushenkov, Nail Umyarov, Sergey Pinyaev, Anton ZinkovskyAlexander Soldatenkov, Artem Sokolov, Alexander Kovalenko.

“Complete injustice and misunderstanding.” Reaction to Larin’s sentence

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