Zodiac links its future to Roses in the urban reclamation of a farm

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The manager of the company, Jordi Soler, explains to Diary of Girona that "at that time, the area became industrial land and had to be the first company of a future polygon that was finally stopped. Three years ago, the Supreme Court halted the modification of the POUM and the land is now agricultural land. " This fact, says Soler, "generates a lot of concern since we do not want to leave Roses, but we must untie the situation as before, because the central Zodiac leadership is in Paris and do not understand it. They are limiting our investments and even reducing them, and this can end up affecting the expansion of the plant and the volume of business, because they do not understand this situation and generates a lot of concern. "

Soler emphasizes that "the management has doubts because the lands where it is located do not have the industrial qualification resolved. They look at the investments in magnifying glass and see the possibilities of growth of the plant limited. The years go by and the situation is not resolved. "

Three-way meeting

Municipal sources interpret the speech of the Zodiac direction as a "maneuver" of pressure that seeks to condition the meeting planned for today between the City Council, the Incasòl and the property to unleash the situation and to be able to carry out a timely urban change . The mayoress, Montse Mindan, postpones any valuation until the meeting is over. In this context, Soler emphasizes that "our intention is to remain in Roses, but the administrations must put their hands on the needle and find a solution, since our company is one of the most important ones in Roses and It generates many direct and indirect jobs, such as the occupation of hotel places throughout the year in the municipality. "

The Roses Zodiac plant currently employs 220 people and generates an annual turnover of 25 million euros. 99% of what is manufactured at the Roses factory is exported.

Enclosures in 2006 and 2008

The company suffered two closures of part of the activities in the years 2006 and 2008. In 2006 the activity Zodiac Automotive stopped, the subsidiary that was dedicated to the manufacture of accessories for covers of safety cushions for automobiles and that had a staff of 125 workers. The reasons that at that time justified the company for the closure were economic.

And it was between 2008 and 2010 that closed the activity Zodiac Marine, where 119 people worked. On that occasion, the matrix chose to relocate production to Tunisia with the aim of reducing production costs.

The measure was included in a restructuring plan that the multinational applied throughout Europe, which destroyed 317 jobs. In addition to the Alt Empordà plant, the plan also affected two more factories in France and the United Kingdom.



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