Zombies, celebrities, innovative concept: everything you need to know about “District Z”, the new TF1 game which will succeed Koh-Lanta … with Denis Brogniart!

Koh-Lanta: the 4 Lands is slowly coming to an end. The final episode will air on December 4 for the grand finale. But those who wanted to see Denis Brogniart on the screen a little more rest assured: the star host of TF1 will still be there a week later, but this time at the presentation of “District Z”, a brand new game that will be broadcast in prime-time, starting December 11.

The concept was imagined by Arthur, who worked there for almost 3 years and who produces the show through his company The Satisfaction Agency. “It’s the biggest production I have done in my life,” even said the latter at the press presentation this summer, as can be read in Le Figaro. It is above all a program designed for a family audience.

Zombies, passes and lives

Each show will feature five celebrities, dressed in military uniform, who will evolve in a sort of amusement park in the hands of a mysterious “Professor Z”, which also features zombies. Filming takes place at night until the early hours, to destabilize the candidates as much as possible. They will have to meet 18 events to win passes, while avoiding losing a life, like a video game, which will result in a penalty. These passes will give them the opportunity to open a safe at the end of the game, which contains up to 100,000 euros. The earnings will be donated to associations. In the casting, we already announce personalities like Arnaud Ducret, Teheuira, Michael Youn, Kev Adams or Camille Combal.

We will probably have to wait for the game to be released to find out more, but one thing is certain, Arthur and TF1 have bet very heavily on this entertainment!

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