zoom on Monsieur Hulot’s vacation beach near Saint-Nazaire

A small hotel with its feet in the sand. Jacques Tati’s dream setting to shoot Monsieur Hulot’s vacation. A cult film, in black and white. It was 70 years ago in a seaside resort, Saint-Marc (Loire-Atlantique), near Saint Nazaire. In the spring of 1951, the film crew landed on the beach. Since then, Tati’s shadow is never far away.

Inimitable facial expressions

Monsieur Hulot, lonely and clumsy hero, played by Tati himself. In his film, the director poetically casts the France of paid vacations. At the time of filming, it is he who makes the locals laugh. At the time, Pierre was only 11 years old and his parents were the village teachers. He is one of the many schoolchildren to be chosen from among the extras. On the set, the director waddles in a swimsuit. He has a sense of gag and comic gesture.

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