Zuckerberg argues with locals about property

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg paid around 100 million dollars for his beachfront property on Kauai “Forbes”. (dpa / picture alliance / Uwe Anspach)
Zuckerberg had already filed numerous lawsuits on December 30th, reported the Honolulu Star Advertiser Newspaper yesterday. Because of Hawaii’s real estate law, many of the parcels remained owned by local families when Zuckerberg bought the property a good two years ago.
Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg speaks on March 19, 2016 at the China Development Forum 2016 in the Chinese capital Beijing.

The Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg. (picture-alliance / dpa / MAXPPP / VCG)

According to local legislation, all owners have the right to cross Zuckerberg’s property at any time to get to their property. Zuckerberg wants to prevent this in the future.

Judge must initiate auction

In his lawsuit, he resorted to a special legal remedy applicable in Hawaii: He had to ask a judge to hold the auction for these parcels. If this agrees, there is a forced sale. The highest bidder receives the property.

This procedural option was introduced because, as a result of its transfer from one generation to the other and the division that is often associated with it, many lands have become so small that cultivation is often no longer worthwhile. In addition, many do not even know that they own land.

Zuckerberg now wants to track down all rightful owners. He also announced generous payments. He wrote on Facebook that many of these people were now receiving money for something they didn’t even know belonged to them. But nobody is forced to sell.


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