Zumpango. They deny medical attention to a journalist with covid-19.

Alicia rivera

Zumpango / 13.12.2020 19:02:21

With the argument of lack of space, staff of the Hospital de Alta Especialidad de Zumpango, allegedly denied hospitalization to journalist Adán Atayde Sánchez, who is in a serious condition due to covid-19, “when we arrived by ambulance they took him for review and said that he was very serious and with the possibility of dying, but that they could not admit him because there were no personnel,” said his daughter Aura.

Noted that They did not let him leave until he paid 3,000 pesos for the review they did, but the young woman did not have that amount and managed to collect 700 pesos, which were accepted so that she could take her father with her.

Aura and her mom, They took Adán to Hospital number 200 of the IMSS located in the municipality of Tecámac, where after waiting in the emergency area, they admitted him despite the fact that he lacks social securityLike many reporters, the institution since May implemented the Solidarity Attention Model for coronavirus patients to the open population.

The 59-year-old journalist is a graduate of the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Acatlán and has collaborated in various media in the Valley of Mexico. He currently has his information site on social networks called “Por los Caminos de Tlalnerock”.

He resides in Tlalnepantla with his mother, where unfortunately there was a covid-19 outbreak, and he became infected.

This year, reporters Armando Camacho Navarro from the newspaper 8 Columnas, who covered the Valley of Mexico, and Jesús Ruiz Morán, who worked for Detrás de la Noticia, have died from covid-19.

The Article 19 group reported that last January, the director of the Mexican Social Security Institute, Zoé Robledo announced that 22,000 journalists do not have any social security scheme. This, according to the information provided by the National Survey of Occupation and Employment of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.



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