Zupiria hopes that the reflection on the Basque language will go beyond the Basque language

Bingen Zupiria, spokesperson for the Basque Government and Minister of Culture and Language Policy, hopes that the reflection and motivation on the Basque language will not end with Euskaraldia. He said that they want to repeat what they have achieved in the first edition of Euskaraldia this year, which is to “change the habits we sometimes have”. “Euskaraldia helps us to know who we could speak Basque with through our badges, which shakes our habits,” he said in an interview with Bizkaia Irratia and the Europa Press news agency.

In this regard, he assured that many people have a “great motivation” to “use more Basque, to use it with more people and to speak more”. “That is the first goal of Euskaraldia,” he added.

The Basque Government spokesperson also highlighted the main novelty of the second edition of the social exercise: ariguneak, “groups for speaking Basque normally”.

In his words, “it would be a strength not to end the reflection and motivation about the Basque language on December 4th. If we are able to speak more Basque in these areas in these 15 days, it is likely that there will be habits that will be strengthened in the coming months and until the next Euskaraldia, and that will strengthen the use of our language. That’s where I put my hopes. ‘

Durango Fair

On the other hand, Bingen Zupiria assured that consumption on the network platform of this year’s Durango Fair will be of “enormous” importance. He emphasized that the Basque-motivated society in society has long shown that “many things can be done through this commitment”.

“I believe that the Durango Fair demands this commitment from us at the moment, and I believe that we have this capacity and collective commitment to embrace and pay more attention than ever to the Basque culture, books, readings or music created in 2020, and the industry behind it. also to the talent of the creators, ”he said.


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