Zurich: Flashed at 31 km / h, he manages to skip his fine of 670 francs

2023-05-03 13:57:58


Flashed at 31 km / h, he manages to skip his fine of 670 francs

The Zurich city court imposed a hefty fine on a pensioner who had driven 1 km/h faster than the authorized 30 km/h. The senior appealed and won.


The pensioner and his daughter arriving at the trial at the district court in Zurich.


A pensioner received a very ugly Christmas present last December from the Zurich City Court. Indeed, he was fined 340 francs for having driven at 31 km/h (safety margin deducted) in a zone 30 of the Seefeld district. A plum accompanied by 330 francs of expenses, that is to say a total amount of 670 francs. The octogenarian saw red. He therefore decided to appeal to the district court of Zurich. And he was right to fight.

An “arbitrary” decision

The trial took place on Tuesday. The opportunity for the retiree to proclaim loud and clear that the fine was absolutely exaggerated and that usually, such a small speeding ticket should be punished with a maximum of 40 francs. He also recalled that he had never had an accident, at most a few fines for speeding in recent years. A precision which might perhaps justify the salty fine received, even if no explanation was provided on this subject on Tuesday.

The pensioner was heard. The judge acknowledged that the fine was “beyond reasonable”, according to her. “I don’t understand how the city court arrived at this amount of 340 francs,” said the judge, who spoke of an arbitrary decision. However, it found the octogenarian guilty of speeding and fined him 40 francs. She also waived the legal costs, given her financial situation; the man and his wife having only the AVS and the social assistance to live.

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