Zurich: Penis put in woman’s mouth without being asked – court finds influencer guilty

published15. June 2022, 09:45

A 27-year-old from Zurich is said to have put his penis in a woman’s mouth in 2017 without being asked. On Wednesday he had to answer before the Zurich High Court.

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A 27-year-old from Zurich had to answer to the Supreme Court on Wednesday.


The man is a well-known fashion influencer in Zurich.

The man is a well-known fashion influencer in Zurich.


He is said to have entered a room in 2017 and put his penis in a woman's mouth without being asked.

He is said to have entered a room in 2017 and put his penis in a woman’s mouth without being asked.

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After a party in October 2017, a 27-year-old fashion influencer known in Zurich is said to have entered a room in which a 32-year-old woman had sex with another man. According to the indictment, he is said to have put his non-erect penis in the mouth of the woman lying in bed. Since the woman was having sex with the other man at the time, she is said to have realized what was happening after a few seconds and dismissed the accused.

At the trial before the Bülach District Court in May 2021, the accused confessed in principle. He admitted entering the room and putting his privates on the private prosecutor’s lips. However, he denied that he put the penis in her mouth, as the woman claims.

The court sentenced the accused to a conditional term of imprisonment of seven months for desecration. A country deportation, as demanded by the public prosecutor, was refrained from. Since the accused had filed an appeal against the verdict, the case came before the Zurich High Court on Wednesday.

Accused refused to testify

At the hearing before the High Court, the accused appeared covered. On the recommendation of his defense attorney, he made no statements about himself or the matter discussed today. According to the court, the 27-year-old has no criminal record. However, criminal proceedings are pending against him.

The defendant’s defense attorney demanded an acquittal for her client, as she had before the district court. “We are dealing with a clear case of sexual harassment here.” However, the offense of desecration was not fulfilled. The prosecution for sexual harassment would already be time-barred.

Her client did not put the penis in the private prosecutor’s mouth, but on her lips. The 32-year-old was not unable to resist. She neither slept nor was she drunk. In addition, the defendant accused the plaintiff that her statements were “unbelievable” and inconsistent.

“I can’t undo it”

The lawyer for the private prosecutor, on the other hand, demanded a guilty verdict and satisfaction for her client. The offense of desecration was established. The victim was having consensual sex with another man at the time of the incident. “She didn’t have to expect in any way that someone would enter the room and approach her sexually.” Because of this and because of her closed eyes, she was unable to resist the situation. “The accused saw that the woman was deep in the act with another man and took advantage of it shamelessly.” The 32-year-old is still suffering from the consequences of the sexual assault, according to the lawyer.

Finally, the accused spoke up: “I have spoken the truth from day one. I admit that I made a mistake and I’m ashamed of it. I want to apologize for that. But I can’t undo it.”

“I hope this gives you a lesson”

On Wednesday, the High Court sentenced the 27-year-old to a conditional fine of 210 daily rates of CHF 30 for desecration. In addition, he must pay the injured party compensation of 3,000 francs. The costs of the appeal procedure, the costs of the official defense are excluded, must be borne by the accused himself.

As the judge said in the verdict, the court considers it reasonable that the accused inserted his penis into the victim’s mouth for a few seconds. “The woman could not expect the behavior of the accused and was therefore unable to resist for the period mentioned.” She was at the mercy of the 27-year-old for a while. Finally, the judge turned to the Zurich resident again: “I hope that it is a reminder for you. We don’t want to see you here anymore.”

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