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Zwaluwwand Hoofddorp destroyed: ‘This is bird murder’

Unknown people have destroyed a large part of the swallow wall at a recreational lake in Hoofddorp. The concrete breeding ground for swallows has become unusable at once.

“At least 60 percent of the birds have simply disappeared. They will not come back. It is actually bird murder what they have done,” says Marcel Schalkwijk of the bird working group Zuid-Kennemerland at NH News.

A swallow wall is in fact a concrete wall with holes in which birds can breed. This week Schalkwijk discovered that part of that wall has been rammed away at the Toolenburger Plas. “With a tool you can easily break it.”

Second leg disturbed

The consequences are enormous. The young who are still ‘in’ the wall, die because they are no longer fed. The swallows that have disappeared remain away. Schalkwijk also points out that many swallows are currently working on the second leg of the season. It is now disrupted.

It is difficult to say how the vandals worked. The site is closed with a folding bridge and surrounded by water. Schalkwijk suspects that they went to the wall by swimming or with a rubber boat. He reported it to the police.

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