《Thus Spoke Kishibe Ichidoya Fudo》 Masato Densetsu Drama 16th Akuma WAKUWAKU JAPAN Necking 《Thus Spoke Kishibe does not move》

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By the well-known cartoonist Hirohiko ArakiJojo’s bizarre adventure”Series derived from“Kishibe Rohan didn’t move“, when the adaptation was announced, it caused a heated discussion among netizens. In addition to being able to perform the comic characters he loved in high school throughout his life, Takahashi, who was able to change his acting skills, also actively participated in costume design and even the small details, emphasizing his “really super happy”; in addition; We also brought in powerful actors such as Iide Marie, Nakamura Renya, Moriyama Miku, Takiuchi Komi and other powerful actors to perform on the same stage.

From the paper to the three-dimensional, the content of just three episodes has attracted audiences and netizens to applaud. In addition to the “super-resolution” and “perfect live-action version” played by Takahashi, Rohan Kishibe is also concerned about the completion. Even the unique “Qiyin lines” subtitles in the original comics showed no sloppy details. There were even fans on Twitter who launched the “Physical Product Release Campaign”, shouting “Please let me pay for the money, hurry up and release the video products”, “I I have to buy three sets” and “It’s a shame not to produce physical products!”, not only really allows fans to achieve their wishes, but a new sequel will be launched at the end of the year.

  《Kishibe Rohan didn’t move“The description of the Japanese drama version is a bit maverick. The cartoonist Kishibe Rohan, who puts the pursuit of authenticity first, encountered a strange incident during the interview. He will stand up to challenge these events with the special ability “Heaven’s Gate” that can turn the opponent into a book! In order to strive for perfection, the TV station was hired to serve as “Jojo’s bizarre adventure“The animated version of the screenwriter Yasuko Kobayashi, WAKUWAKU JAPAN will premiere on Taiwan today (16th), tomorrow (17th) and next Wednesday (22nd) at 9 o’clock in the evening.


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