Esri launches online GIS for climate action course

2023-09-28 21:50:24 As the impacts of climate change increase and intensify around the world, one aspect that has become clear is the geographic nature of the problem. The ability to address this pervasive geographic challenge requires technology that provides context, which location intelligence can provide. To support people working towards this goal, the Esri, a … Read more

NASA Discovers Black Debris in Asteroid Sample Tank: Insights into the Formation of the Solar System

2023-09-27 12:47:00 2023/9/27 20:47 (Updated at 9/27 21:49) NASA scientists opened the sample tank of the space probe “Osiris” that brought asteroid samples back to Earth on the 26th and found black debris. (Picture taken from (Central News Agency, Washington, 26th, comprehensive foreign news reports) After 7 years of waiting, scientists from the National … Read more

Actor Michael Gambon, the eternal Dumbledore, dies at 82

2023-09-28 18:46:52 Famous Harry Potter actor Michael Gambon dies at age 82. His death was confirmed by his family at the hospital. Gambon was known for playing the iconic Albus Dumbledore and received several awards in his career. Actor Michael Gambon, famous for playing Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter film franchise, has died aged … Read more

The Geneva Digital Market pre-program –

2023-09-28 18:51:40 A unique meeting place for audiovisual innovation in Switzerland, the Geneva Digital Market (GDM) returns from Next November 6 to 10not. This 11th edition offers a cycle of conferences providing essential insight into contemporary issues in audiovisual creation and a market for digital works on a European scale, bringing together in a hybrid … Read more

Master the Way of Wulin – Unleash Your Potential with STEAM Achievements and Martial Arts Tree Diagrams

2023-09-28 06:23:37 Achievements above the intermediate level have been enhanced from stand-alone personal achievements to STEAM online achievements, allowing you to compare progress with players around the world. IN-GAME martial arts tree diagram! You can check the development direction of various martial arts in the game, without having to search for strategy books. Tips for … Read more