Local Hero Saves the Day: Unwittingly Rescues Burglars in Aubel!

2023-09-28 04:22:00 It’s approximately 11 a.m. Monday the 18th when the doorbell rings Marc’s doorbell. A visit at this time to the uneventful district of Messiter, in Aubel, is not that common. Marc is not moved by it. These are only young people who, during a wrong maneuver, crashed their vehicle into the ditch and … Read more

Rising Coronavirus Cases and Concerns: WHO Urges Vigilance and Vaccination

2023-09-27 20:11:52 The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned about the increase in the number of coronavirus cases observed in several countries as winter approaches. Unfortunately, some states are no longer reporting their data related to the virus. But among those who continue to inform the WHO, the number of admissions to hospitals and particularly … Read more

Reimbursement for Adapted Physical Activity: The Benefits for Chronic Patients – Cami Sport & Cancer Association

2023-09-28 04:19:43 Yasmina Kattou, edited by Alexandre Dalifard / Photo credits: AMELIE-BENOIST / BSIP / BSIP VIA AFP 6:19 a.m., September 28, 2023 The benefits of physical activity are proven, both in prevention and treatment. This is why, the Cami Sport & Cancer association insists, on the occasion of the presentation of the social security … Read more

Under Control: A Hilarious Political Comedy series reviewed by Télérama, Le Figaro, Le Parisien, Europe 1 and more – Check it out on Google News!

2023-09-28 03:26:31 Under control (Series): the Télérama review Télérama.fr “Under control”: Léa Drucker launches into political comedy on Arte Bourse DirectUnder control of Arte: Lea Drucker, an irresistible tornado at the Quai d’Orsay Le Figaro« Under control » on arte.tv: a hilarious political comedy Le Parisien “Under control”: Léa Drucker launches into political comedy on … Read more