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Hybrid car caught fire on hilltop – had to be lowered into container filled with water

– Now we have taken it out of the carport, where it was inside, and placed it in … Read more

The importance of maintaining channels to prevent flooding is highlighted – La Discusión 2024-07-19 17:51:00

As a result of the torrential rains that hit Chile during the month of June, the Chillán River … Read more

Santiago public transport will increase by up to 20 pesos – La Discusión 2024-07-19 17:48:59

The Public Transport Panel of Experts announced on Thursday a 20-peso increase in the adult fare for public … Read more

Roger Cisterna receives the support of mayors and candidates of Chile Vamos – La Discusión 2024-07-19 17:47:02

The support of mayors and councillors in office, as well as candidates for said positions in several municipalities … Read more

U.S. Embassy offers new service for visa applicants How to get an appointment? 2024-07-19 17:44:58

Starting this week, the U.S. Embassy in Havana has implemented a new service aimed at facilitating and streamlining … Read more