H5N1 Virus: Experts Warn About its Rapid Evolution and Increased Risk for Mammals, Urging Countries to Vaccinate Poultry

2023-06-03 12:48:32 The H5N1 virus, behind a record outbreak of bird flu across the world, is changing rapidly, experts warn as calls mount for countries to vaccinate their poultry. If the risk for humans remains low, the increasing number of cases among mammals is considered worrying, according to specialists interviewed by AFP. Since its appearance … Read more

The Prince’s Roland Garros Journey: Updates, Scores, and Where to Watch Live

2023-06-03 13:22:37 Roland Garros The Prince continues his adventure on the clay of the French Open facing the American 75 in the world in the third round. By Camilo Encina Updated on 06/03/2023 – 09:35 CLT Updated on 06/03/2023 – 09:35 CLT © Getty ImagesThe Tower will make us get up early to see their … Read more

The Complex Relationship Between Luxury and French Rap: Where Are We Now?

2023-06-03 11:42:46 Despite a heightened appetite for French rap towards high-end houses, the latter blow hot and cold when it comes to establishing lasting connections. After several years of “je t’aime moi non plus”, where is the relationship between luxury and French rap? True incarnations of the image of rappers, fashion and accessories are now … Read more

The “breath” between the atoms

2023-06-03 12:53:42 Researchers at the University of Washington have found they can detect atomic “breathing,” or the mechanical vibration between two layers of atoms, by observing the type of light emitted by those atoms when stimulated by a laser. The sound of this atomic “blast” could help researchers encode and transmit quantum information. The researchers … Read more

Surviving Crypto Trading in June: Navigating Declining Volume, Liquidity Crisis, and Selling Pressure

2023-06-03 09:00:00 Between liquidity crisis, selling pressure and declining trading volume, crypto trading will not be a cakewalk this month. Crypto trading can be very profitable, but when the market dips into the red, traders should exercise caution. Here are three reasons why June will be a difficult month for investors. The decline in crypto … Read more