Opening ceremony of the training course for alternate members of the Party Central Committee, term XIII

(PLO)- Standing Committee of the Secretariat Vo Van Thuong emphasized that the training and knowledge update course for alternate members of the Party Central Committee is the enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and strategic vision of the Ministry. Politics, Secretariat. On the afternoon of February 5, in Hanoi, the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics … Read more

Quang Binh: Many festival activities at the oldest temple in Central Vietnam | Festival

Opening ceremony ceremony. (Source: Nhan Dan Newspaper) February 5 (January 15 of the lunar calendar in the year of the Rabbit year 2023), at Hoang Phuc Pagoda (My Thuy commune, Le Thuy district, Quang Binh), one of the The oldest temple in Central A series of festivals took place. The water procession program is the … Read more

Obesity: it can promote abnormalities such as a neurodegenerative disease

Obesity is a disease, which leads to a disruption of the entire metabolismfurther promoting the development or appearance of Type 2 diabetesor thehigh blood pressure. This disease can also affect the respiratory, cardiac or even intestinal sphere. Now scientists have discovered that she also has a responsibility forbrain and cognition abnormalities. The study carried out … Read more

Govt to ban 138 betting apps, 94 loan lending apps with Chinese links

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has started blocking around 138 betting and 94 loan apps with China links for their alleged involvement in money laundering, and posing threat to India’s financial security, sources said on Sunday. The crackdown on these platforms began after the government received an alert from a nodal officer … Read more

kid a | winter edition

kid a | Winter 2023 >>>“I actually sell feelings. I come from visual communication, so the connection between image and text is my job.’Ila Nitzan from kid a, more beautiful things she said: in the interview that appears in this post. >>>Welcome to the winter cooperation with kid a.What will it include this time:The site … Read more

Quickly charge your phone: tips and tricks

Are you tired of your phone always dropping you in the middle of the day? Is its charging time too long? Do not panic ! Look no further, we reveal tips for charging your phone faster. Let’s find out, all together! Nothing is more frustrating than a smartphone battery that ends up in the red! … Read more