Focusing on the Second Tournament: Colo-Colo’s Journey in the Chile Cup Semifinals

2023-09-24 22:12:23 The Eternal Champion must quickly turn the page after the important victory he achieved for the National Championship and focus on the second tournament he is playing. Colo-Colo managed to clear up all the doubts that had been raised after his last presentations and managed to beat without appeals Cobresalthe solid pointer of … Read more

The Temporary Exhibition ‘Being(s) Together’ Explores the Relationships Between Humans, Nature, and the World at the Geneva Museum of Ethnography

2023-09-24 22:28:00 Published on: 09/25/2023 – 00:28 The temporary exhibition “Being(s) together” takes place from May 5, 2023 to January 7, 2024, at the Geneva Museum of Ethnography. © MEG It’s an exhibition in keeping with the times. Being(s) together questions in a poetic and down-to-earth way the relationships between man and nature. Through more … Read more

19,000 DPI gaming mouse for around 40 euros

2023-09-24 22:56:28 The manufacturer LC-Power wants to prove that a wireless gaming mouse with RGB lighting, a resolution of 19,000 DPI and a polling rate of 1,000 Hz does not have to cost 100 euros or more. After having our first look at the manufacturer’s new mechanical keyboard these days, we now have the LC-Power … Read more

LNG Carriers and the Yamal LNG Plant: Uninterrupted Shipments Despite Regional Tensions

2023-09-24 22:20:00 The Vladimir Vize, one of the ice-breaking LNG carriers used to export liquefied natural gas produced by the Yamal LNG plant in northern Russia, is currently on technical shutdown at the Damen Shiprepair shipyard in Brest. The latter has also been used to welcoming this type of ship since the Siberian production unit … Read more

Confronting Water Scarcity: Urgent Global Action for a Sustainable Future

2023-09-24 22:06:42 The UAE published a detailed discussion paper calling for an international response, urgent global action, and enhanced cooperation to confront the urgent and worsening global challenge of water scarcity. The discussion paper, entitled “Successive Repercussions: Water Scarcity – The Hidden Threat to World Security and Prosperity,” addressed the problem of global water scarcity … Read more