From Doctor to Firefighter: Franco’s Journey of Service and Vocation

2023-06-04 13:41:34 The first time Franco approached the firefighters volunteers was thanks to the school. He attended elementary school at 171 and one day his teacher took them to visit Detachment 2 of Kilometer 8, that unit that was only four blocks from his house. For him it was quite an adventure, the beginning of … Read more

Charlie, El Musical: Puerto Rico’s Revolutionary Staging Comes to Florida

2023-06-04 15:50:31 The story of the first Puerto Rican blessed comes to Florida. Charlie, El musicalone of the most successful musicals that has been presented in Puerto Rico in recent times, travels to the central region of that state with its original cast, which includes the performance of singer, actor and entertainer Victor Santiago, as … Read more

Spanish Grand Prix: Verstappen’s Victory and Perez’s Reaction – Final Results and Next Race Details

2023-06-04 15:23:58 the race of Spanish Grand Prix came to an end and, despite the mishap during the Qualy, Checo Perez managed to climb positions and finished fourtha fact that caused the reaction of his partner, Max Verstappenat the end of the competition. The pilot dutch he did his thing again, and after a domain … Read more

Zwölfaxing Singing Club’s 30th Anniversary Concert: ‘Music, Music, Music’ – Join the Celebration!

2023-06-04 16:00:00 The Zwölfaxing singing club. Photo: private 30 years of existence is a good reason to celebrate. The Zwölfaxing singing club does this on June 10th with an anniversary concert entitled “Music, Music, Music” in the local music school. It is said that singing is healthy. Thanks to the release of endorphins, serotonin and … Read more

Unveiling the Dark World of Sky ECC: How Law Enforcement Agencies Busted a Major Assassination Plot and Organized Crime Network

2023-06-04 15:30:07 Hafid Harfouche, 25, thought he had prepared this assassination plan in the greatest secrecy. On February 11, 2021, on Sky ECC encrypted messaging, then deemed inviolable, “LAA” – his pseudonym – asked the sponsor, baptized “LIDL”, for the details of the upcoming operation: “Explain to me all those you need with info I’m … Read more