“Minerva Banking Launches Deliveries in Egypt as First International Bunkering Company – Mercuria Energy Group”

2023-05-31 09:07:00 After Minerva Banking obtained the license in mid-May Dubai – Al Arabiya.net Published in: May 31, 2023: 01:07 PM GST Last updated: May 31, 2023: 02:01 PM GST Mercuria Energy Group’s bunkering company, Minerva Banking, has commenced deliveries in Egypt, becoming the first international company to enter the market after being awarded the … Read more

“5 Essential Nutrients for Healthy and Beautiful Hair – Tips from a Nutritionist”

2023-05-31 04:00:00 A must-see for poor hair quality, crazy hair loss, and dark enough hair color!Nutritionist reveals 5 tricks to eat “advertising sense” hair Tide Health/Editorial Department With the hot summer approaching, many people want to change their hairstyles to facilitate tidying and grooming when the seasons change. Nutritionist Yu Zhuqing pointed out in a … Read more

“Lee Kang-in: The Hotly Contested Target for European Soccer Clubs”

2023-05-31 10:10:33 Reporter Park Jae-ho of Star News | 2023.05.31 19:10 Mallorca striker Lee Kang-in. /Photo = Mallorca official social media capture Lee Kang-in is attempting a shot during the game. /Photo = Mallorca official social media capture As the summer transfer market approaches, European clubs are increasingly interested in Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca). Atlético … Read more

‘Boo’ – Below average viewing experience | Madhyamam

2023-05-31 11:55:44 ‘Boo’ is a horror entertainer released by Rakul Preet Singh directed by AL Vijay. The film, which started streaming on OTT yesterday, is also Vijay’s second film after ‘Diya’. The film has been released in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. The story starts with Kiara (Rakul Preet Singh) planning to celebrate Halloween with … Read more

[0531 섹터분석] Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s visit to China raises the theme of rechargeable batteries and electric vehicles By Infostock Daily

2023-05-31 12:05:23 [0531 섹터분석] Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s visit to China raises the topic of rechargeable batteries and electric vehicles [인포스탁데일리=박상철 기자] ◇ Elon Musk Tesla (NASDAQ:) CEO visits China, US Tesla stock price rises The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on its website that the previous day in Beijing, Tesla CEO Elon Musk … Read more