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[뉴스분석] Fake News Fact Investigation, Wen Government’s Responsibility Theory…尹 Head-on breakthrough Jungkook’s detonation injury

by archyde

President Yoon Seok-yeol, who returned from a tour of the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, is at work at the presidential office in Yongsan on the morning of the 26th. [사진=연합뉴스]

On the 26th, President Yoon Seok-yeol emphasized, “It is a very dangerous thing to the people to undermine the alliance with reports that are different from the facts.” Instead of an apology or expression of regret, it was a head-on breakthrough with the frame of ‘fake news’ and ‘damage to the national interest’.

On the way to the Yongsan presidential office this morning, President Yoon was asked a question from reporters and emphasized the importance of the Korea-US alliance, and said, “I think the rest of the story needs to be revealed more clearly first.”

Earlier, President Yoon had a conversation with US President Joe Biden at the 7th Global Fund Fiscal Commitment Meeting held in New York on the 21st (local time). After leaving the venue, there was a scene where he said to his staff, “If the National Assembly doesn’t approve these XXs, what should I do because OOO is sold out?” Regarding ‘OOO’, the media reports of ‘Biden’ and the explanation of the presidential office ‘flying’ are conflicting.

◆尹 In the controversy over profanity… “36.4% at the beginning of the week → 32.8% at the weekend”

President Yoon’s head-on breakthrough strategy was foretold. Previously, Chief of Staff Kim Dae-gi started a head-on breakthrough with the ‘fake news’ frame at the high-ranking party council meeting on the 25th, the day after Yoon’s return to Korea.

President Yoon’s choice to break through the front instead of a separate apology or expression of regret was a sense of crisis that ‘if pushed, it will be over’. If President Yoon makes an apology to the public, the pressure for ‘renewal of people’ on the diplomatic and security lines will inevitably increase. This means that President Yoon’s My Way strategy was based on his intention to cover up the controversy over the ‘diplomatic disaster’ raised by the opposition party.

However, it is unclear whether President Yoon’s strategy will block the ‘passport crisis theory’. Immediately, President Yoon’s ‘fact investigation remarks’ emerged as a deputy for the government. The flow of public opinion is also not boring.

According to the results of a poll conducted on the 19th and 23rd by ‘Realmeter’ at the request of the Media Tribune and published on the 3rd week of September (the sampling error is ±1.9% points at the 95% confidence level), the approval rate for President Yoon’s state affairs was higher than the previous week It was 34.6%, an increase of 0.2 percentage points. However, if you look at the daily indicators, the approval rating, which started at 36.4% at the beginning of the tour (the 20th), fell to 32.8% on the 23rd, when the profanity scandal spread.

In a Gallup Korea poll released on the 23rd, President Yoon’s approval rating fell to the 20% level. In a survey of 1,000 adult voters aged 18 and over nationwide from the 20th to 22nd (the sample error was ±3.1% points at the 95% confidence level), the positive evaluation of job performance decreased by 5 percentage points compared to the previous week to 28%. On the other hand, the negative evaluation was 61%, up 2 percentage points from the previous week (see the Central Election Opinion Survey Deliberation Committee above).

When ‘diplomatic achievements’ were buried in the slang controversy… The presidential office actively promoted

The presidential office, which dismissed the controversy over the diplomatic disaster, focused on promoting Yoon’s achievements at the UN General Assembly. Concerns over the diplomatic achievements of the summit between the ROK and the US and the leaders of South Korea and Japan seem to have been buried in a controversy over profanity.

In the presidential office on this day, President Yoon delivered a keynote speech to the UN General Assembly during his visit to inform the international community of the keynote of freedom and solidarity. They explained that they discussed normalization of relations.

Regarding Korea-Japan relations, in particular, President Yoon said, “In the past administration, Korea-Japan relations have deteriorated too much.

In response, the government condolence delegation headed by Prime Minister Han Duk-soo will visit Japan for two days and one night from the 27th to attend the late Shinzo Abe, former director general of the Japanese prime minister. Prime Minister Han is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Kishida on the 28th, and it is noteworthy whether the two countries can spur the normalization of relations.

President Yoon Seok-yeol speaks with Prime Minister Han Deok-soo at the Prime Minister’s weekly meeting held at the Presidential Office in Yongsan on the 26th. [사진=연합뉴스]

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