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THE prevention as a discipline, it is relatively young in the context of modern medicine. At the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), one of the most prestigious public universities in the area, it was founded in 1965. The care model focused on hospitals in the private sphere and the preponderant role of the public network in care primary school and high school. contributed to the relative failure of preventive medical care in the companies usually.

From 1998 until now, when the current format of health plans If designed, preventive care initially went through a long period of mistrust and only recently entered the agenda of major market players. Controversies on the subject also contributed to this scenario.

When the topic comes up, it is common for people to imagine directing resources to the detection and treatment diseases at a lower cost to increase life expectancy. However, this is not always the case from an economic point of view, which makes decision-making difficult and delayed.

However, prevention significantly increases the quality and life expectancy population, leading companies to the challenge of balancing the two factors in their strategic plans. And this is not the simplest task.

Some questions are present in the mind of the entrepreneur and the manager at that moment. Many still wonder if they should invest in disease prevention or treatment, if it makes sense to encourage employees to do more exams What can increase absenteeism? and what the costs will be.

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To help answer, it is worth highlighting the role of technology In recent years. The medical system added the term predictive in its list of actions and began to accept the use of artificial intelligence tools, machine learning and even epidemiological mapping to help answer the above questions more accurately based on the evidence.

In this sense, by strategically directing resources towards prevention, companies have the return of reducing absenteeism, healthier and more productive employees, not to mention minor adjustments to plans They also depend on the use of the service and the characteristics of the employees.

On the other hand, for the individual, who does not suffer from the financial bias of the decision, attention to the preventive issue is always welcome, since it provides the opportunity to identify and treat more serious problems in advance. In addition, this aspect increases the possibilities of improvement in the professional performance for a life with more balance.

In addition, the perception of value is significantly higher in people who currently receive routine care compared to those who only receive care when they get sick.

Finally, whatever solution is found, managers and entrepreneurs must look for solutions out of the box. Today there are tools on the market capable of indicating the best path and that help bring positive results for both companies and their employees. You have to think about it!

* Mauro Silva Jr. is a doctor, with a Master’s degree in Hospital and Health Systems Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and CEO of healthtech Truvio

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