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This Thursday morning marks the start of a period of intense shopping: Black Friday has started on Amazon. The leading merchant in France has just released tens of thousands of discounts this Thursday morning at midnight. Cdiscount, Fnac and especially AliExpress are not left out. Here is a new list kept up to date, hour by hour, with the offers to be seized as soon as possible.

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This year, the “real” Black Friday at Amazon will be spread over a period of 48 hours: from Thursday to Friday evening. That said, before and after, the merchant makes the fun last with monstrous offers that had been available for several days. Whether it’s the Nintendo Switch, the Bose headset, the MacBook Air M1 or even the Roborock robot vacuum cleaners, it has already seduced us.

Today is a good time to save money. Once again, this Black Friday on Amazon is spread over two days. Tomorrow, Friday, the offers will not be better than those displayed at this very moment on the site of the American. The platform is totally in the colors of the operation. It’s up to you to find the good deals directly on the Amazon site.

Amazon is not alone on Black Friday

Since the start of Black Friday, Amazon has seen serious resistance from all sides. From Asia, the world leader AliExpress (which belongs to the Alibaba group) also started its Black Friday this Thursday. He dumped us thousands of good deals on brands as popular as Xiaomi, Roborock, OnePlus or Dreame. Its discount percentages are mind-boggling.

In France, local e-merchants are doing just as well. In the top, we have for example Fnac or Cdiscount. We also find Leclerc who is making real reductions this year for Black Friday. If they are not at the level of the giant Amazon, it is because they are still waiting tomorrow (or tonight) to reveal everything they have in their belly. Once again, Amazon launched this morning.

How do I find great deals on Amazon? For Black Friday, a section with all the offers can be found from all the pages of the site. In the menu available on the e-commerce site, the first tab on the left relates exclusively to this operation. You will quickly realize that several hundred pages of good deals are available – for the moment.

Faced with this flood, how to get out of it? There are several methods. Either put this web page (ours) in your favorites to access in real time the offers that we highlight. We do everything to bring together all the best Black Friday discounts from Amazon, Cdiscount, AliExpress and others. In the blink of an eye, you therefore have an overview of the best.

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The best deals for this Thursday

Unfortunately, we cannot cover all product themes. We therefore favored the high-tech part for this Black Friday. That said, Amazon goes way beyond this category. You can find thousands of DIY, beauty, home decor, fashion, or toy deals. In this last section, LEGO sets itself apart from the rest.

Among the offers that have seduced us the most since the start of Black Friday, Amazon has grabbed several of them. There are for example the discounts on the MacBook Air M1 and the Pro version. Apple computers drop almost 200 euros, or 15% off these models. While these are the latest and Apple is not making a reduction, it is a very strong and symbolic deal.

Then, to continue at Amazon, the Nintendo Switch is at a preferential price for Black Friday. It is part of a formula that includes the portable console with the game Mario Kart. It also benefits from a discount of approximately -15%. This is especially convincing when we know that its Sony and Microsoft counterparts are out of step. It is also the highlight for console sales.

What if Christmas presents don’t appeal?

Buying online is no longer a problem these days. Black Friday at Amazon is the best way to buy yourself peace of mind for your Christmas gifts. It is the only merchant who accepts to take back your gifts even after the holidays. You have until January 31 to return them. If the gift does not please you, then you will not have to try to resell it at a forced discount. Amazon takes it back at the purchase price without discussing it.

In France, e-merchants have a legal duty to give customers 14 days of withdrawal. If all are limited to this duration, Amazon is doing much better for this Black Friday. This not only gives you a right of withdrawal but also insurance on all your Christmas gifts. So you don’t have to be afraid of ending up with products on your hands and a sad recipient.

Now that you know how Black Friday works at Amazon, all you need to do is get in the bath. The trading platform is very large, it will take patience. Rather than going for a walk on each of the e-commerce sites in France, our concise selection above will guide you to the bestsellers and the best prices on the market.

Think carefully about your purchases, there is no point in buying unnecessary products. Above all, Black Friday is made to relieve the budget as much as possible: Amazon lowers the prices of all products, this allows you, for example, to do your Christmas shopping with a nice discount. It is the same with other merchants available on the net.

Since Thursday, Amazon has launched Black Friday:

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