10 points! Can the hero take away Real Madrid and Manchester City with a hat-trick of 110 million on 5 shots? _Bayern Munich

Original title: 10 points! Can the hero take away Real Madrid and Manchester City with a hat-trick of 110 million on 5 shots?

Messi goes to Paris, Ronaldo returns to Manchester United, Mbappé is determined to go to Real Madrid… The summer of 2021 is destined to be extraordinary, and the striker is still a sought-after item on the transfer market.

Among the several giants, they have always been aggressively robbing peopleReal Madrid and Manchester City, Or low-key performance, or miss the superstar one after another.I don’t know the value of the following110 million eurosAre they interested in taking away their identity?

In the early morning of August 29, Beijing time, the Bundesliga giantsBayern MunichAgainst Hertha Berlin, the powerful Bayern defeated their opponent 5-0 and won quite easily.

Lewandowski continued to perform perfectly, the whole game, Lewandowski37 feetTouch the ball, total5 shots3 shots on targetScored 3 goals! Whoscored’s post-match score showed that Lewand received full marks10 points, Impeccable!

So far this season, Lewand has been3 gamesIn the league, scored a total of5 balls, Continue to play with high efficiency.The data shows that Lewand has cross-season13 consecutive Bundesliga goals scored, Second only to Gade Muller’s 16 games.

Last season, Lewandre blasted in the Bundesliga41 balls, Dusty49 yearsThe Bundesliga record was broken. This season, Lewand, who is one year old, is still scoring goals.

The contract between Lewand and Bayern will expire in 2023. There have been news that the two parties intend to renew the contract, but there is no follow-up. Later, media reported that Lewand, who had already conquered the Bundesliga, wanted to make a breakthrough in other leagues. Among them,Real Madrid and Manchester City are his favorite next stops.

Bayern also did not consider Lewandish as a non-sale item. It is reported that Bayern’s price for Lewand is 110 million euros.As long as any club is willing to spend 110 million, it can take Lewan away.

There is no problem with Lewand’s scoring ability, technique and physical fitness. The only “hidden danger” is age. Although Lewand is still very productive, he is also33 years oldNS.

I don’t know if Real Madrid, which still has no big signings, and Manchester City, who have missed Messi, Kane, and Ronaldo, are willing to pay 110 million to take Lewand away?Return to Sohu to see more


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